Suspected serial rapist accused in Ballard attack

The man accused of a terrifying rape in Covington is also suspected of attacking a woman in Ballard.  The incident in Ballard happened back on September 22 in the 1100 block of NW 57th Street.  A woman was walking down the sidewalk when a man attacked her from behind and dragged her into a yard.  A neighbor eventually came to the rescue just as the attacker was taking the woman’s clothes off.  The man escaped.

Eight days later in Covington, a woman who had just brought home a new baby opened her door to a young man claiming to be a high school student working on a class project about home construction.  The man told the woman he was touring homes in the neighborhood as part of the project.  Once inside he grabbed the woman and forced her to put her 2 week old baby and other young child into a crib.  After telling her he would hurt the kids if she didn’t do as he said, the man sexually assaulted the mother.  After a sketch of the attacker was released (seen above), police arrested 20 year old Phillip Douglas Baldwin at a home in Maple Valley.

Seattle Police confirm Baldwin is also a suspect in the Ballard attack.  Charging documents in that case are expected tomorrow.  Paperwork shows that Baldwin is also suspected in a second rape in Covington this past summer.

Read more and see watch KiroTV’s piece on Baldwin here.

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39 thoughts to “Suspected serial rapist accused in Ballard attack”

  1. Got to hand it to the cops for nailing this sucker (and the victim for being able to give sufficient details for the sketch)

  2. So glad they caught the sicko. I also wanted to thank the woman he assulted in Ballard for her courage to write on this site after the incident. Hope you read this…. and hopefully this guy will go away for a long time….

  3. Last time i checked, in this country a person is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and if he is innocent , I hope you people feel like idiots. There are multiple witness’ who say Phil was talking about his affair with this woman months before this “rape” happened. I personally do not know if he did it or not but until I see the whole thing play out in the courts, he is innocent. This is coming from someone who knows Phil personally and I have spoken to the detectives about him. Phil has always been an idiot and has done some dumb things due to childish dares, i.e resulting in indecent exposure but a rapist? I don’t know about that. He tends to be one who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like I said before I DO NOT KNOW if he did it or not but I will not convict him in my mind until I see it play out in court!

  4. Actually, the death penalty (as currently carried out/exercised) is more “expensive” than a life sentence. Fiscally speaking, I’d suggest the life sentence and hope that he’d rot quickly. Rapists aren’t very popular in general population.

    Being candid, however, I’d be satisfied with a length of rope and a Sunday afternoon. Remove him from the populace forever. You can’t rehabilate someone who’d do such a thing. He’s sick in the head and in a very dangerous manner. Chuck him overboard.

  5. Obviously, since you are the Neanderthal, and lack the ability to read, you must have overlooked the part where I stated that the affair was going on MONTHS before this alleged rape happened and had continued up until the point when this woman was caught by her husband, then she turns around and cries “rape” ACCORDING TO WITNESSES. As far as the indecent exposure goes, that is a result of a H.S. dare to flash a teacher, so yes, Phil was a kid who did a lot of stupid things in his past. All I am saying is, if Phil did do this, then hopefully he gets what he deserves, but until it plays out in court and he has his constitutional right TO A FAIR TRIAL, I will not convict him in my mind. I personally cant say yes or no to whether or not he is guilty, that isn’t anyones place to do so BUT THE JUDGE AND JURY. Hopefully I broke this down well enough to where your simple mind could comprehend it, sorry if the big words threw you off…

  6. Care to actually prove any of this? No reports on this rape or the other two he’s accused of committing mention your claims. It’s sounds like you already have your mind decided, in which case your claims of impartiality and innocent-until-proven-guilty are bogus.

    He also has previous convictions (proven in a court of law) for assault and domestic violence. Were those high school dares?

  7. No affair. I know this for a fact. Phil is a rapist and liar. He will get plenty of chances for sex when he is in prison. Three strikes. heard of that MDM. You better get your daughters checked out. This dude is a liar and rapist!!!!!

  8. It sounds like this dude is in the wrong place at the wrong time all right. why doesnt he stay at home with his girlfriend instead of forcing others to have sex with him. what an animal.

  9. you have got to be kidding. He is a liar. I cannot wait to see this in court. ever heard of dna…haha. raping a lady with a newborn. was this a dare. keep your sick little friend at home..oh wait…he is in jail for life. three strikes when the prove the other covington rape. I KNOW HE DID IT. HE KNOWS HE DID IT. LOOK AT HIS SICK FACE ON THE NEWS. YOU KNOW HE DID IT.

  10. THERE WAS NO AFFAIR. THIS WOMAN NEVER SAW HIM BEFORE. Remember he is a liar and rapist. He has been identified. HA! Sicko. I hope he gets what he deserves which is prison sex.

    If he was having an affair with her why did he say his fingerprints were not in the house. oh yeah…he is a liar and rapist.

    who exposes themselves because of a dare. that is the first thing rapists start out with. he was a liar then.

    What do you mean according to witnesses? did they see him rape her? why would you have sex with someone with a new baby that cannot have sex? because he is a rapist and sicko and you are sick too.

    Simple mind is what YOU have. You need to wake up and smell the RAPIST!

  11. Are you serious? I do actually care to prove some of this, simply because it came from ACTUAL WITNESSES who have actually talked to detectives involving this case. For your information, oral sex, which is actually what happened between them, is actually considered Rape two or sexual assault. I don’t know what in your narrow minded head leads you to believe that you have any knowledge of what is actually going on? Let me guess, like the rest of these imbeciles, you are getting your information from the media, correct? I doubt you have any personal ties to the suspect, victim or anyone involved. Were you there? I doubt it. Basically you morons are going to sit on your asses, and attack me for possibly hoping that someone I was close to is ?possibly innocent and that he has a constitutional right to a fair trial? Real smart… Furthermore, I have a bad feeling that he might be guilty, but I can still have hope, not that it is any of your business. Also, I do know what his priors are, not that it is any of your business either, they sound worse on paper than what they really are. You people disgust me. His family and friends read these horrendous things you say about Phil. How would that make you feel? If someone was degrading you or your family in this way? Don’t you think they feel bad enough that he has even been convicted of something so horrid? Or that he might be guilty of these things? I don’t think they need you all putting your two cents in where it is not needed nor welcome. The witnesses that have actually heard of him talk about this affair, were actually co-workers of his at one time. Of course his fingerprints are going to be in the house if he was having an affair with her. Also, the reason I came on here to state that he has rights to a fair trial is because I was as naive as you people in the beginning in saying he was guilty and a monster. I still am inclined to believe that is more than likely the case, but I can hope for his innocence and as a good American citizen, I need to not convict him until he gets his day in court, because that is the right thing to do.

  12. Hey moron, if you would actually read the stuff on here for content, I never directly said he had the affair, I said OTHER WITNESSES stated that the affair was going on. Personally I don’t believe it, but that doesn’t rule it out as a possibility. Furthermore, his fingerprints were on a book, what the hell does that prove? I mean according to witnesses that heard him say to them that he was having an affair. Their response, you don’t mess with a mans car or his woman, and they discouraged him from continuing the affair. You can read my response to the other moron on here, a lot of it will apply to you as well. Also, just because she just had a baby, doesn’t mean she can’t be sexually active in other ways besides vaginal intercourse. I am going to say this one more time and be done with it, I am inclined to believe that he is probably guilty, it doesn’t prevent me from hoping that he is not. Until he gets his day in court, I feel obliged as an American and a human being to believe he is innocent until proven guilty. Also, I spoke with detectives about the other two incidents, one actually being a rape, and they are waiting for DNA to come back on that, which takes 14 days, and the other was an attempt, not an actual rape, so we only have one case of possible rape in the vaginal case against him, which is horrible enough for everyone involved, especially the victim. Which would be the case of the vaginal rape, was actually at the LA fitness in Covington, google it. The victim said he was average build, and 5’7 to 5’9. Phil is actually much taller and not exactly average build. He is way more husky than that. I hope your brain can wrap around this massive amount of information, and hopefully you will be enlightened as to not be such a narrow minded douche. The media doesn’t always put out ALL the facts. They are inclined to put out the negative to attract viewers since that would be the best story.

  13. Don’t have any daughters, and for you to say that about anyones children, if he is guilty, than you are just as much of a sick fuck as he is.

  14. I know waaaay more than you think. His face was seen for a very long time. I know the person he assaulted and he was recognised by neighbors.

    Get ready for his ass to bleed.

  15. Look it up, vaginal or oral…it is rape. The LA fitness fits his MO. He robs, puts hands over mouth, drags and rapes and all three cases. I know when the book was received. I was at the house staying until right before the rape. He used it for his fake interview… wont hold up. You better start grieving now….moron.

  16. He is dead guilty. People recognized him. They know him. He will never get out. He is a sicko. You probably taught him a few tricks, eh?

  17. You sure like to call names. Is that why he is such a mess? Is that what you did not him? He seems very messed up and look at his face. Other girls say he called and bothered them all the time and he was a creep. He is who you should call names. HE DID IT

  18. Oh I cannot wait for the DNA..HE WILL BE GUILTY AS HELL. What a punk…he cannot even get his own woman. What do people do to someone like this to mess him up so badly? Ya he is a fat ass but who can tell in the dark when he drags them off. He was a zit faced kid when we knew him. Very dark and sick individual. OH and moron…look up what rape is….this was probably done to him at your house.

  19. I never said he didnt do it, I have just repeated what I know has been said and that its possible he may have not done it. I am not trying to attack the victim but I guarantee you thats probably what his defense is going to be. When I was told he was having an “affair” I said it didnt make sense to me to be having an affair with a woman who lives in your old house. As well as the attempted attack in Ballard was nearby his work. It points to him. I was angry though when I read all these posts I felt like they were attacks at me for hoping a kid we have known forever didnt turn into man that is a monster and for repeating things. The things I have said others have said do not reflect my opinion in the matter. I have told my brother not to visit him in jail and that the person in that jail cell is not the Phil we knew, the kid we knew doesnt exist anymore. I still am hoping that he is innocent… dont think thats the case though. However I have to let it play out in court.

  20. I am calling names because I feel I was personally attacked because I was hoping a person I regarded as a little brother is not a monster. I do not think hoping is such a capital offense! I know some the girls he called and bothered and gave the dectectives number so they would report it. I NEVER SAID HE DIDNT DO IT I said I hoped he didnt!

  21. Oh yeah because a woman is going to teach a man tricks on raping? Especially when they live in another state. Again you are a sickfuck and you need to go get some help.

  22. You are right. It does have to play out in court. There are many people on both sides that are hurt by this…very hurt. This is just one way to try and get it out and then feel very stupid after comments are made out of anger. You did nothing wrong. I could not even imagine being on your side of the fence. This is a horrible situation for everyone involved…..

  23. I know him, too.

    I came forward to the prosecutor and detectives to say I knew him and that he never hurt me; that I had been intimate with him…before and after after the 24 hr Fitness attack.

    I only learned of these charges about 2 weeks before Christmas.

    We met at his work. I don’t know anyone who knows him so I came forward. I didn’t think he did this but I couldn’t live with myself if the charges were meant for another offender.

    I am a survivor of rape (many years ago) and I only mention this because I am so overwhelmed with sadness as I think of the journey ahead for these victims. I remember that in one horrible moment someone turned out the light inside me and I felt like garbage for a long time.

    I pray for them. I pray they get therapy and support and that they can take their own power back again. It’s a horrible thing to live through but I can say from horrible personal experience, that the lessons I learned have become blessings and skills that serve me well.

    I am so sad for the victims and all the families involved. I am beyond sad for his family. I am afraid for him.

    I only knew him for a few months but I know there is good in him. I care about him. Don’t get me wrong…I am accepting the facts of this case and Iam sickened by them. My heart feels broken in a way I cannot explain.

    I suppose I will be sitting alone in the Courthouse. Thank you for standing your ground. I like what you wrote. I hope for peace and healing for all concerned.

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