Beaver Marching Band plays at Husky Stadium

The Ballard High School Marching Band took to the field at Husky Stadium on Saturday as part of the annual “Band Day.”

About 20 local high school bands were invited to play several songs during half time of the Husky/Arizona State football game.

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2 thoughts to “Beaver Marching Band plays at Husky Stadium”

  1. Thank you for posting this! My son was there, but I was not. Anyone know which of the red-clad bands was The Beavers?

    It was absolutely miserable, pouring rain the whole time and requiring a 12-hour+ time commitment. So thanks to the band members, parent volunteers and school staff who made this effort!

  2. BHS was the fairly large band that is in front, to the right of center. They were wearing their rain slickers so they look like they are in white. The band to the left is in black and the band to the right is in red. Great hearing all the bands play! Kudos to the kids- it was very wet down there.

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