Remembering Andy Kotowicz

Family and friends of Andy Kotowicz gathered at Town Hall this afternoon to share funny stories and emotional memories of the man they all loved.  Kotowicz, who died of injuries from a car crash on 15th Ave NW in Ballard last month, was remembered with a few tears but mostly with laughter.

“It just seems wrong that a life so filled with passion and exuberance can be taken so suddenly,” said Jonathan Poneman.

“He brought so many things to us.  Really good food, really good wine, and really good music,” said Megan Jasper.

Memorial service for Kotowicz at Town Hall in Seattle

Co-workers from Sub Pop Records, where Kotowicz worked as an executive, talked about Andy’s passion for music, his amazing work ethic, and his keen sense of humor.

“What I’ll remember most about Andy is simply that I laughed my ass off all the time for 10 years,” said co-worker David Orleans.

Speakers also said that Kotowicz’ young daughter Anna, who survived the crash after being rescued by a Good Samaritan, was the light of his life.  An interview Kotowicz did shortly after Anna’s birth was part of the program handed out to mourners at today’s service.  In it, Kotowicz talked about his daughter.

“There’s nothing I’d rather do than be with Anna…You’re just consumed by this feeling of cosmic love and hope for humanity.”

Photo of Kotowicz and his daughter Anna

A fund is set up at Sound Community Bank to take donations for Andy’s wife Jocelyn and daughter Anna.  Checks can be delivered to the bank or mailed to:

Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation
c/o Sub Pop Records
2013 Fourth Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98121

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