Seattle snow flurries reach Ballard

11:10 a.m. A few flakes are falling in Ballard, the first snow of the season. “Expect the spotty flurries to be the general rule of thumb today,” explains KING 5’s Lisa Van Cise in her forecast. The National Weather Service now says snow showers could continue tonight and into tomorrow morning with “1 to 2 inches possible.” If that’s the case, tomorrow’s commute will be interesting.

At the very least, it will be especially cold tonight. The forecast says temperatures will dip into the 20s. Brrrr.

If the snow starts sticking, and you have some photos, please send them to And stay warm!

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10 thoughts to “Seattle snow flurries reach Ballard”

  1. It is dang chilly out there. There’s no snow in our neighborhood now, but who knows what will happen, now that evening is upon us.

    It’s a good night for fleece and fluffies, and hot chocolate with schnapps.

  2. OMG it’s the flake patrol once again. Isn’t it true a very high % of the people here aren’t from here? Perhaps a few “flatlanders” around? Try counting all the hills just in Seattle. Try and get from Ballard to the freeway when it comes down good. Not an easy task at all is it. One thing for certain is, that in other regions people actually all do carry chains, brooms, sand plastic bags to lay on, etc, etc. Here we have cup holders for our coffee! He he he.

  3. I grew up in a very snowy (and hilly) region and NEVER carried any of those things, so nice try there. Sure we were prepared and were trained to drive in the stuff, but we weren’t running around like survivalists awaiting the apocalypse. Fact of the matter is, snowy regions handle the snow properly, residents (for the most part) respect the conditions and adjust their driving as such.

  4. Having grown up in the Alps I think you just have know how to drive in the snow …. Something the people here can’t seem to master even with the close proximity of mountains. I drove up and down Queen Anne hill all during the 2008 Snowpocalypse in my 2 wheel drive VW with out chains !

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