Second annual ‘Ballard Fitness Fest’ is here

The second annual Ballard Fitness Fest is upon us. For the next three months, Ballardites are challenged to fulfill their goals of losing weight, toning up and getting fit.

Eric Hroncich, owner of EDGE Personal Training launched the fest last year because he wanted to watch people’s healthy transformations and watch their confidence grow. More than 70 people participated in the inaugural event and Hroncich hopes to see more people this year. Last year, (the winner lost more than half his body fat.

From the information sheet:

The judging is based on your own individual improvement on a percentage scale. For example, if someone weighing 200lbs. loses 20lbs of total body weight and someone weighing 130lbs. loses 13lbs. they each lost 10% of their beginning body weight. The same goes for body fat % and circumference measurements. Make sense? This way everyone is comparable regardless of their begging fitness level.

People interested in participating will get their initial fitness assessment done February 7th through the 18th, then come back for a re-test between May 16th and May 25th. The winner will be announced on June 1st. The cost for the Ballard Fitness Fest is $15 plus tax.

Click here (.pdf) for more information on the Ballard Fitness Fest, who is eligible and prizes for top winners.

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