Storytime at Loyal Heights Community Center

Kids can enjoy storytime and learn about nature at the Loyal Heights Community Center (2101 NW 77th St) this spring. Each Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., children and parents will learn about nature through stories, crafts, songs and nature walks around the community center. The cost is $3/child.

Here is the schedule:

4/20 Earth Day: Learn about recycling and composting through interactive activities. What is a litterbug? We will look for signs of litterbugs in our park. Bring recycled egg cartons and toilette paper tubes for today’s craft.

4/27 Flowers and Seeds: Children will listen to stories about seeds and flowers. We will take a walk around Loyal Heights park to discover flowers that are in bloom. Kids will decorate a flower pot and create a garden using stickers. We will plant flowers in honor of May day.

5/4 Rainbows, Raindrops and Wind: Learn how rainbows are made. Children will learn about the colors of the rainbow through songs, games and stories. Wind can be fun! We will make rainbow wind socks.

5/11 Caterpillars and Butterflies: Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. We will practice being inchworms and learn about measurements. Get a butterfly tattoo and create a butterfly.

5/18 Birds: We will learn all about birds and eggs. Kids will get to make and paint a bird house, create a bird mask and make a quacking duck!

5/25 Fantastic Rabbits: Learn about rabbits and where they live. Make bunny ears, go hopping down the bunny trail, make a paper sack rabbit.

6/1 Animal Homes and Animal Tracks: We will be detectives as we learn to identify animal tracks and animal homes.

6/8 Sea Life: Explore the amazing world underwater and many of the creatures that live there.

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