Sunny scenes from Ballard SeafoodFest

You couldn’t ask for better weather at this year’s Ballard SeafoodFest! Here are a few of the best photos of the festivities:

Yikes! Acrobatic jugglers dazzle the crowd. (Thanks Diana for the photo!)

A view of the crowd looking up 22nd Ave. to the Kids Zone.

Oh, those sizzling bacon-wrapped scallops!

Appropriately attired heading down the big slide.

The Nordic Spirit keeps a watchful eye on the festivities.

The king of Scandivan humor, Stan Boreson. (Thanks, Silver!)

Where’s the siren on this thing? The kids love Seattle Fire’s Ladder 8.

The band Exohxo plays it up for the crowd.

Whoa! Mario the Funny Man keeps the kids (and parents) laughing.

Kids piloting underwater craft at the Ballard Maritime Academy booth.

And as always, kids climb in the big fish’s mouth along Market St. If you missed them, check out our photos of the lutefisk-eating contest and the salmon BBQ. Hope you had a blast at this year’s big event!

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