Chicken wire monsters run across empty storefront

A pack of chicken wire monsters will soon fill the empty storefront next to U-Frame-It (5601 20th Ave NW.)

Eva Funderburgh is working on her first U.S. public art installation. After reading about the opportunity on MyBallard, she got in touch with the contact and pitched her idea. Funderburgh is using chicken wire to create 10 to 15 monsters that she’ll hang from the ceiling. “They are all running in a pack and it’s really my goal to capture their movement and to create this swarm of creatures traversing through the windows,” she says

“This idea is something that I’ve had kicking around for a really long time,” she says, but a gallery installation would be a six-month undertaking. “This opportunity was a chance to put together a quicker version of it but still full-scale that still captures the movement so I was really excited about that.” The artwork will be up a month or two.

More information on Funderburgh can be found here.

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