Ballard Restaurant Project picks their top 10 of 2011

A year ago, Ballardites Jefferson and Heather gave themselves a task – eat at every restaurant and bar in Ballard. We first wrote about them in July when they were seven months into the adventure. Now that they’ve made their way through the ever-changing list of restaurants, they’ve come up with their favorites.

“It actually wasn’t that hard narrowing it down to ten from the 82 Ballard restaurants we visited. Our top ten turned out to be a good mix of cuisines and price points. They spanned the course of this project, which makes me think we spread out the good ones fairly well,” the write in their Best of the Ballard Restaurant Project 2011 post.

To see their list and explanations for selecting each one, click here. (Thanks Gnomie for asking about this in the forum!)

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