SDOT planning neighborhood ‘greenways,’ including Ballard

Just over two miles of roadway in Ballard may become “greenways” this year. Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw announced earlier this month a set of pilot Neighborhood Greenways is being planned by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).

“Greenways connect parks and schools, community centers and neighborhood business districts. Neighborhood Greenways help with transportation, and they help with getting people where they want to go within their own communities,” Bagshaw says in this video.

Neighborhood Greenways are slow-speed, low-traffic residential streets made even more pleasant for the people who live, walk, and bike on them. By adding new park-like amenities and limiting cut-through traffic, Greenways are naturally attractive both for families, and for anyone seeking a safer, more connected community experience. By placing Greenways a block or two away from major arterials, Neighborhood Greenways create a great option for people who prefer to walk or bike away from congested streets.

A look at Portland’s ‘Bike Boulevards’ or greenways.

Bagshaw has been an advocate of the greenways after seeing them first-hand in Portland. The greenway in Ballard is planned on NW 57th Street from Seaview Ave NW to 17th Ave NW, then jumps up to NW 58th Street from 17th Ave NW to 4th Ave NW.

The neighborhood greenways are planned for Ballard, Beacon Hill, Greenwood, North Delridge, Wallingford, University District and Laurelhurst, which will be funded by Children’s Hospital.

“These projects are intended to form the backbone of a new network of Greenways that effectively connect people to the places they want to go by giving them a choice to travel on quieter, safer streets around the city,” the press release states.

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