Renovations underway on Edith Macefield’s house

Renovations to Edith Macefield’s small house in the Ballard Blocks development are underway, as developers are planning to have the house open to rent by spring 2013.

The house, which Macefield refused to sell for nearly $1 million, is now owned by a company called Reach Returns. Back in 2009, we told you about their plans to renovate the house and lift it nearly two stories. Developer Lois MacKenzie has partnered up with Greg Pinneo and tells us they are now starting to renovate Edith’s house, which is the first phase in the project. The house will sleep six people, and will tell Edith’s story, including, “nods to what she stood for,” MacKenzie says. She added that they’ll aim to keep as much of the original house as possible, but will be changing the windows to make the house more energy efficient. They’ll also expand the attic space to create a bedroom and bathroom.

The second part of the project is to raise the house and create a public space below. The development is called Credo Square, which will feature plants and flowing water, and it will be surrounded by tiles that can be purchased (for $250 on up) featuring your own name and “credo.” MacKenzie tells that phase of the project will likely be done in two to three years.

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