Kimchi House to open in Oshan Sushi location

A new Korean deli, Kimchi House, will be opening on Wednesday, Aug. 28 in the O’Shan Sushi location at 5809 24th Ave NW. Owner Kerri Junio, whose family owns O’Shan, wrote to tell us of the opening, and says they will be a cash-only establishment. Junio also tells us that they’ll be selling homemade kimchi, with their signature dish being grilled pork belly served with sauteed kimchi and rice. “Another cool item is our kimchi fries!” Junio writes, saying they’re like chili fries, but with a Korean twist.

According to Junio, they’ll be open at 12 p.m. sharp on the 28th. O’Shan closed just a few weeks ago after the owner and head chef announced his retirement. We’ll pop in the deli after it’s opened to get a glimpse of the new space.

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