Brimmer & Heeltap set to open on January 15



According to a post on Eater, published after our story this afternoon, Brimmer & Heeltap is not yet ready for the planned pre-holiday opening. Doak revealed to Eater that “at this point, it’s safe to say our grand opening will be January 15.”

The team is excited to showcase the new bistro to the local community and is working hard to put all of the design and menu elements together. In terms of design, Doak reported that she received about 100,000 penny donations, which will be enough to cover the floor with the unique penny design.

Eater also reported that all of the Brimmer & Heeltap staff have been hired which includes Lieu Hoang, who formerly work in the kitchens of Poppy, and Jeff Steiner from Ray’s who is set to take care of the bar.

Original Post:

The team at Brimmer & Heeltap gastropub (425 NW Market St) are putting the final touches on their new space and, according to a note on their front door, are planning to open before the holidays this month.

Co-owners Jen Doak and Mike Whisenhunt teamed up to open the new establishment and share “their take on the neighborhood bistro-pub.” They have been busily working since summer to prepare the space and create their team for the opening.

We initially covered the story back in July when Doak and Whisenhunt closed the deal to purchase the former Le Gormand space and then covered Doak’s penny collection drive last month to create unique penny tiles for the decoration of the space.

photoThe note on Brimmer & Heeltap’s front door announces “with a measure of humility and a heap of happiness” the launch of the new eatery. It also points to the mysterious origins of the bistro’s name. “The name Brimmer & Heeltap commemorates the proper pour, one that teases the top of the glass and culminates in a satisfying glimpse of the bottom,” write Doak and Whisenhunt.

Until the opening, locals can check out the progress on the Brimmer & Heeltap Facebook page (which already has over 800 likes).

“Like a good toast, we hope that Brimmer & Heeltap will be a place that evokes camaraderie,” write Doak and Whisenhunt.

Thanks to My Ballard reader Chrissy Elles for sending in the photo.

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