Throwback Thursday: Ballard Bridge back in the day

With the recent media coverage of the Ballard Bridge, in particular the safety concerns about the pedestrian walkways, we thought it was time to take a look back at more photos of the bridge during its early days.

The photo below, taken in April 1917, shows the north view from the underside of the first wooden Ballard bridge during construction.

ballard bridge

The photo below shows the Ballard Bridge opening for a boat in March 1918.


The photo below, date taken unknown, shows a panoramic view of Ballard as seen from Queen Anne Hill, showing the first wooden Ballard Bridge.


The photo below features Maud Reid Adams standing on the Ballard Bridge in 1920.


The photo below shows the “new” Ballard Bridge during the opening day ceremonies in June 1940. The first Ballard Bridge opened in 1917, however, by 1940 the old wooden bridge was considered unsafe to cope with the increased traffic and was replaced by a newer, higher span.


Photos and information courtesy of the Ballard Historical Society and MOHAI.

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