Throwback Thursday: Ballard restaurants of yesteryear

In recent years, Ballard’s restaurant scene has exploded. We wanted to take a look back and see what the restaurants of yesteryear had to offer.

Hans Nelson and his son Nels Nelson can be seen below outside their hotel, bar and restaurant on the corner of Dock Place and Ballard Ave in 1892.


Below is a photo of “Jack’s Restaurant” taken in 1900 on Ballard Ave. It is not known the food that was served, however if you zoom in you may be able to decipher some menu items from the list on the right of the image.


Ladies can be seen standing outside the Fern Café in the below photograph taken in 1925. Regular meals are listed as costing between 25 and 45 cents. The address can only be seen as 4833, which may belong to the address on Ballard Ave.


Old Home Restaurant is featured in the below photograph taken in 1937. The restaurant was located at 5231 Ballard Ave where Hattie’s Hat currently stands.


Photos and information courtesy of Ballard Historical Society.

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