Greenwood business owners seek answers, explosion investigation results expected by end of summer

According to our news partners at, Greenwood business owners who were frustrated by the lack of information surrounding the cause of the March 9 explosion met with Mayor Ed Murray last week to ask for his assistance in finding some answers.

The explosion, that destroyed three businesses and damaged an additional 50, is currently being investigated by the state Utilities and Transportation Commission and no results have yet been found.

According to Chaco Canyon Café owner Chris Maykut, the lack of results is causing a significant impact as insurance companies are waiting for a cause before taking action on their insurance claims.

Mayor Murray contacted the Utilities and Transportation Commission and received the following reply yesterday:

Dear Mayor Murray:

Thank you for contacting the Utilities and Transportation Commission about the ongoing investigation into the Greenwood explosion.

We are sensitive to the community’s recovery efforts, and are working diligently to complete this investigation. Our priority is ensuring the safety of the people of Greenwood and the natural gas infrastructure that serves our communities.

While pipeline safety inspectors completed their work at the Greenwood site on March 15, the investigation continues. Inspectors are currently evaluating evidence collected at the explosion site, completing witness interviews, reviewing company records, and awaiting laboratory test results. When they have completed this work, a comprehensive investigation report will be published with their findings and conclusions.

Ultimately, the commission does not release detailed information about ongoing investigations until a final report is filed in order to prevent misinterpretations of isolated facts.

At this time, we hope to have a completed report by late summer, although that timeline may be extended depending on what the investigation uncovers.

Please direct any additional questions or concerns to the commission’s communications director, Amanda Maxwell, at (360) 664-1110 or

Steven V. King
Executive Director and Secretary

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