Passionate about Ballard light rail? Sound Transit needs volunteers

There’s no better way to get involved in the huge Ballard light rail project than apply to join Sound Transit’s advisory group.

Sound Transit needs five volunteers to serve as community members of the Ballard and West Seattle Link Extensions Stakeholder Advisory Group. Their specific focus will be “to help refine project alternatives for further study in the environmental review phase of the project.”

That’s a big job, and Sound Transit has a selection process. Candidates need to be knowledgeable about public transit, reflect the diversity of the corridor and “be able to provide a balance of neighborhood and community interests.”

Oh, and applicants “must be able to work collaboratively with other group members who hold diverse opinions and perspectives.” Yes, this is going to be a complicated, controversial undertaking — the plan is to build a new movable bridge across Salmon Bay and drill new tunnels in South Lake and downtown — so Sound Transit wants to avoid people who like to pick fights with each other.

Interested? Go represent Ballard and apply right here.

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