Small fuel spill in the Ship Canal

Update: Larry Altose from the Department of Ecology says the spill is dissipating and too thin to recover. It was “likely left by a passing vessel,” he said.

Earlier: The Department of Ecology responded to a small fuel spill in the Ship Canal near the Fremont Bridge this morning.

“You could smell it on the bridge and the Ship Canal trail along Nickerson,” said Amelia Apfel, communications manager for Puget Soundkeeper, who saw the spill. “It was traveling down the Ship Canal towards Salmon Bay. When I called it in Ecology said they already had the report and were responding.”

The Department of Ecology tells us they estimate the spill to be about 4 gallons of what looks to be diesel fuel. “Probably a spill of contaminated bilge water from a departing vessel,” which is a rather common occurrence in this part of the Ship Canal, the department said.

Neverless, Ecology asks that if you spot a spill like this, to please notify them.

(Photo from Amelia Apfel)

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  1. Typical idiotic comments above.

    Boats and ships in the canal are some of the worst polluters around. Find this offender and make them pay— I don’t care how small it was

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