Remembering Edith Macefield with balloons

A few days ago, a rumor surfaced that demolition crews were planning to tear down Edith Macefield’s old house. After we reached out to the Ballard Blocks developer, My Ballard broke the news the house was here to stay.

“We have no plans and no intention to demolish this house,” said Craig Ramey, managing director of Regency Centers. In fact he said the plan is to update the house and make it a part of the Ballard Blocks I and II shopping experience.

What was initially planned as a somber event to watch the demolition turned into an Earth Day celebration of Edith Macefield and her famous house.

This morning people stopped by the house to attach balloons — the Macefield house was rumored to help inspire Disney’s “Up” movie — to show their support and remember Edith’s refusal to move.

Seattle artist Akira Ohiso even created a cool digital drawing of the event (from this photo):

Regency Centers said it’s entertaining ideas on what do with the house, ranging from a community space to a flower shop. Commenters on My Ballard have suggested a coffee shop (“Edith’s”), museum, playground, art studio, writers residence or a music studio.

(Photos courtesy of @dlaferte, @motherofgeminigirls and @seattledrawn on Instagram).

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