Outdoor gear consignment store opening soon in Ballard

Ballard is about to get a new outdoor gear consignment shop, called Wonderland Gear Exchange, going in at 7750 15th Ave. But before they can launch, they’re collecting inventory, so they’re hosting several consignment events for people to drop off their used outdoor gear to sell.

The founders, Ben Mawhinney, and Nate Seiberling, are two friends who hatched the idea on a “long, snowy car ride from Seattle to Stanley, Idaho”. Their goals are threefold: to keep clothes from ending up in a landfill, to make outdoor gear cheaper for everyone, and to broaden the outdoor community.

Their first consignor event is coming up this weekend, from Friday to Sunday (Oct. 5-7), where they’ll be accepting winter gear. Monday, Oct. 8 is the Ballard Neighbor event , where they’ll accept gear for all “trails activities, snow sports, biking and water sports.” On Tuesday the 9th, they’ll be accepting kids gear, and Wednesday the 10th is for members of outdoor nonprofits.

They say they’ll accept modern gear and clothing (less than five years old) in good condition, or “if it has some cool, retro appeal (typically clothing)”. Gear they can’t accept include helmets, climbing ropes, avalanche safety/rescue equipment, or other life-saving/protecting gear. Rock climbing protection (cams, nuts, carabiners, harnesses) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Wonderland’s consignment fees depend on the price of the item; click here for a full breakdown. However, for this first round of gear collecting, they’re offering a higher consignment rate of 70 percent or more to participants.

Nate and Ben say they hope to open for business in late October. To learn more about Wonderland or the upcoming gear drop-offs, click here.



22 thoughts to “Outdoor gear consignment store opening soon in Ballard”

  1. Great, exactly what we need, tons of cheap tents available. They should check to make sure somoene has an active utility bill to sell them one.

    1. How about a sex offender registry “do not sell to” list for tents? Would be more productive.

      1. “Einstein” get your attempted put downs right, moron.

        Nope, they’re still open, talked to one of the guys that works there, said they’re looking for a new space, but currently running only personal training.

  2. Contact your Mayor and City Council regarding the colossal mess of our homeless problem. This new business benefits the community for cool finds and discounts on outdoor gear. They did not cause the homeless issues.
    Welcome, Wonderland.

  3. Do they sell cougar spray? They’ve gone pretty crazy in the Seattle area attacking anyone who supports due process. It’s very puzzling behavior and might be due to global warming or perhaps some chemicals in the food or water they’re eating.

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