Halloween festivities around Ballard

Happy Halloween! There’s plenty happening in Ballard today and tonight for youngsters and adults alike, with trick-or-treating happening all over the neighborhood and the business district, plus festivities and live music at local bars.

Here’s a list of some of today’s Halloween events:

38 thoughts to “Halloween festivities around Ballard”

  1. Weird. Half of Ballard dressed up as junkie hobos for Halloween today. They’re really acting the part, too: drinking in public, screaming at people, shooting up in the park, letting their pitbulls wander near some stinky RV’s. Impressive!

    1. I’m just a Ballard junkie hobo!
      Shootin’ dope and smokin’ LSD,
      Don’t let me too close to the water,
      I might just have to stop and take a pee!

      (sung to the tune of “Okie from Muskogee”)

      1. You hear him howling around your kitchen door
        You better not let him in
        Little old lady got mutilated late last night
        Werewolves of Ballard again

        1. I see a tent-flap a-stirring
          I see peeing on display
          I hear screaming and shouting
          I see hobo’s at play
          Don’t go around tonight
          They might accost your wife
          There’s a junkie on the right

      2. Hey man don’t put lsd with the homeless junkies they don’t deserve to be doing a fun drug; Yes I just said that LSD is a fun chemical at certain times under the right conditions. Not homeless junkies wondering our city

    2. I heard they’re going to be handing out job applications at the Ballard Commons festivities! That should keep the hobos away.

        1. Well here they come again they say
          They want some free stuff
          Well who are we to keep them down
          We let them shoot themselves up
          With dope every evening
          So listen carefully to the sound
          Of the needle
          Finding a vein to get real high with
          In the still you hear a junkie breathing loud
          And there they nod, and there they slump

          Homeless often happens to the zeroes
          Junkies always rob you cause they’re losers
          Say hobos they will come and they will go
          Pay the way the city says it’s so, tax yo, taxes yo

      1. It really sucks that our neighborhood is filled with junkies, crime and general assholes like yourself! do us a favor an move away finally.

          1. Yeah but your mom said I could come over anytime I want. Maybe I’ll just stay.

        1. Hey man, if you don’t like it, you move. I can at least laugh at the situation. And make fun of it. So what? Have I hurt your feels?

          1. Oh no! Your relentless taunting and my fear of being excluded from my peer group has really made me change my ways! From now on, I’ll hug every junkie, apologize for every property crime, and grow a big bushy beard! I’ll do good! I’ll blend in with all the other soyboys, soygirls, and soy-gender-undetermined!

        2. I pay to live here, and morons like you ruined the place. Eat a fat one, Soyboy.
          Not everybody is a member of your retarded social justice cult. Please do me a favor and drink up that special kool aid when they finally hand it out to you guys, though.

          1. Shut up snowflake and go to your safe place. Buy yourself a participation trophy while you are at it.

          2. Snore. You got nothing. Tell your wife I said she needs to lose 5

          3. Hey Idiot, most of us ARE THE MOST PISSED because it’s more difficult to invite women over from the Eastside because Ballard is now a rapey dump. Real fun having a date overnight and being woken up by a screaming junkie or some sirens we’re PAY FOR to revive these losers. GTFO

          4. “It’s more difficult to invite women over from the Eastside because Ballard is now a rapey dump. ”

            Best self-own of the day. Never change, gomer.

          5. I won’t. Stay cuckin’, Chump
            You never pull tail from the Burbs? Pretty cool they have a normal BMI and talk about stuff besides Huffpo crap.

          6. Spoken like a man who has never felt the touch of a woman and looking for someone or something to blame.

          7. Why do so many people like you pay to live in a place they hate? Your burb is calling.

  2. Wow! Over 25 shit posts on one thread. Virtually 100% of the comments are off-topic garbage. The good news is, every one of them is a can of food for the Ballard Food Bank.

    Today I delivered my first batch of food — 52 cans! Got a lot more to go. We’re over 150 and counting. The other 100+ cans are on the way. Keep spewing content-free garbage, losers. I turn your shitposts into good for the community, and all you have to do is keep that filter dialed down to zero.


      1. I might have a favorite topic of discussion, but I do actually appreciate the food bank, and the clientele it serves – lots of families who have trouble making ends meet. So thanks, ‘asking for a friend.’

        1. Don’t let socky find out you’ve been feeding rapists.

          Thank you for keeping the quality of comments low and my food bank challenge stats rising. Every little bit of idiocy helps.

    1. You should be ashamed of yourself! Canned food?? All that extra salt and sugar and all those awful preservatives!

      Get woke and take them something healthy. How about bok choy or arugula? Maybe some nice seasonal squash. Fava beans; there’s the ticket. You could bag up cute little portions of beans. Put some neat little stickers on each bag!

  3. But most importantly let’s let the kids have fun trick or treating keep them safe, make sure they have an awesome time like we have all had when we were kids

  4. MyBallard does nothing positive for this community but give people a place to hide and bitch about things that have nothing to do with the article. NO one comments on any of the positive posts or if they do they have nothing positive to say. I think its time to shut it down

    1. I disagree. I think MyBallard does a lot for the community, and it’s mainly the work of one person. I love knowing what events are coming up, what restaurants are opening/closing, and yeah, I even love reading the comments. And people do have positive things to say, but they get down voted anyways. That’s life. I disagree that we should censor the comments or shut them down because you feel it’s nothing but negativity.

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