Christopher and Suphatra Rufo explain harassment that led to campaign termination

Update (Nov, 16): Christopher Rufo and his wife Suphatra have released new information about the harassment that led Rufo to end his campaign for city council in District 6.

Suphatra wrote a long post about the decision, which was shared on Rufo’s campaign Facebook page. In the post, she shared a bit of her background as an immigrant and her choice to move to Seattle a decade ago, “for its culture of diversity, inclusion, and economic opportunity.” She also describes encouraging her husband to run for city council, and the subsequent onslaught of negative messages they’ve received in the past two months.

“Since we launched the campaign, I have been harassed, cyberstalked, and intimidated. Activists in the housing and bike community have sent me messages saying that my husband is a white supremacist and sending us links to white supremacist sites. We have been called white nationalists, fascists, alt-right, and right-wing extremists.”

She said she received hundreds of messages from one individual, who sent her white supremacist content, and attempted to get her fired from her job. That person also posted on her son’s school Facebook page, which was subsequently deleted by the moderator.

“I’ve spoken with a police detective who has offered to help us determine whether or not the harassment meets a criminal threshold,” Suphatra writes.

The Rufos shared several screenshots of the online harassment with The Stranger‘s Katie Herzog (article here), and told her they would be meeting with an SPD investigator next week.

“Once our investigators have spoken to Mr. Rufo, we will evaluate the information and determine whether or not to move forward with a criminal investigation,” the SPD told The Stranger in a statement.

Original (Nov. 14): The man who planned to challenge Mike O’Brien in next year’s Seattle City Council election has announced the end of his campaign.

In an email to supporters, Christopher Rufo said he and his family have received countless messages of threats and harassment. The threats became too much, Rufo explained in an email to his Crowdpac supporters.

“I was prepared to take the heat, but unfortunately, they have focused their hatred on my wife and children,” Rufo said in his email.

He continues:

They’ve made vile racist attacks against my wife, attempted to get her fired from Microsoft, and threatened sexual violence. They’ve even posted hateful comments on our 8-year-old son’s school Facebook page. I know that as the race progresses, the activists will ratchet up their hate-machine and these attacks will intensify significantly.

Rufo, who announced his campaign in September, has been vocal about his plan to take on homelessness as a city councilmember. His December 6 event to speak about his research on Seattle homelessness has also been cancelled.

I feel deeply disappointed about this turn of events and hope that I have not disappointed you, too. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support, love, and passion from hundreds of people all over the Puget Sound. I know in my heart that our cause is just and our ideas would make Seattle a better place. But my primary responsibility is to make sure my family is healthy, happy, and safe. That’s not possible in our current political climate, which has been overtaken by polarization and the ever-present threat of violence.

Rufo said he plans to spend the next few months writing about his experience in a series of essays — “Since I announced my campaign, I’ve learned that our problem here in Seattle is much deeper than the city council’s policies — we have created a culture of intolerance that is deeply destructive to the common good.”

Since the launch of his campaign, Rufo’s Crowdpac campaign has raised $12,760 of his $15,000 goal. Rufo says he plans to refund all of his donors, and will personally cover all costs of the campaign.

My Ballard has reached out to Rufo, who confirmed his withdrawal.


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    1. Very cool that in an article about a candidate dropping out for receiving abuse, you are on here encouraging people to write to the current elected official to “tell him how awful he is.”

    2. The SPD, should they want to do any investigating, probably should go through the Sept. 22 and Oct. 2 MyBallard posts on Rufo.
      They might be able to ID an few of our fine SJW commenters (with the help of the site operators) and cross reference that with data from the other threats.

      1. do you have a link to those posts? i searched through all articles back past each of those dates and found no posts on rufo, so wasn’t able to see any comments either.

        1. Go to the home page and find the Search function; scroll down, look on the right hand side just above “Follow My Ballard”.
          Search on “Rufo”.

  1. Too bad, imagine the wonderful things that Charles and the other writers at The Stranger would have said about this guy come around March or April? I mean if they claim Cliff Mass is nearly a Nazi for not following SJW climate science as opposed to what real scientists say just think about holding the City accountable for how it spends money on heroin addicts?

  2. You know even the cosa nostra is civilized and respectful enough not to mess with someones family. Absolutely amazed at the amount of low life, drooling POS’s out there calling themselves “liberals”. Not one of you GD morons would have the guts to have a discussion with Mr. Rufo or listen to his views without your mob in tow to shout him down and threaten his family. You must be so proud of yourself Seattle, well done.

        1. I did, I just commute to this once fine town to keep the evil Ballard waterfront bringing in revenue for all your SJW programs that are obviously working so well and as intended.

        2. Ah, yes… they good old liberal fall-back, trying to run anyone who’s different out of town. Maybe it’s time you leftist bigots learned some civility and tolerance for other ideas. You don’t have a monopoly on solutions, you know, and yours aren’t the only ways of seeing and doing things. Take off the ideological blinders, and try actually considering other viewpoints for a change… you might even learn something!

    1. Identity Politics in Seattle is strong. Black trans-gender confused child molesting drug addict homeless stealing perp with and RV and no license is at the top of pecking order. White property owning christian heterosexual male police officers are the scum that oppresses are at the bottom. Any Questions? If so GFY, cause antifa pansies will come after your pets, children, and wives you cisgender. That is Seattle with some techies and couple bannana stands mixed in. This place sucks now.

  3. These are the “progressives” for you. All about women and people of color. Unless, of course, you don’t subscribe to their ideology and threaten their power and control.

    We need to crush these creeps next November and make them pay for all they’ve done.

    1. Why do you think it was progressives? It was the same Trump whiners that don’t want any money spent on solutions for homelessness.

      1. Yeah, the people who don’t want the city to blow more of our money on their failed solutions went after Chris Rufo and his family, instead of Mike O’Brien. Got any more loony sh-t to say, “Christopher?”

    2. Have you ever actually met a progressive? I’m one and don’t know of anyone who would support the white supremacist victimizing the candidate’s family as described in the post. “Make them pay?” It seems you support the inflammatory behavior described in the article. Hold yourself accountable for your own behavior when criticizing the behavior of others.

  4. Heartbreaking.

    Leftists are using brown-shirt, Nazi tactics to suppress opposition now?

    And the SCC says nothing?

    I want to hear Sawant say it publicly herself…”These tactics and this behavior is unacceptable. I apologize for any part I may have had in inciting this kind of response, and I condemn the way Rufo and his family were treated in the strongest terms possible.”

    Let’s hear it folks…

    1. Why do you think is was leftists? That’s a big assumption to make. I mean, I get that it’s a struggle for you Trump fans in this town, so you have to blame everything one everyone else, but geeze.

      1. Do not use a real person’s name as your username when you are not that person. That is identity theft and defamation and it is illegal.

          1. So your answer is no, no racist attacks against Mike O Brien and his wife who didn’t pay her employees and broke labor laws while manufacturing culturally appropriated kimchee.

          2. Harassment and threats don’t have to be racist in nature in order to exist.

    1. No. Because then we can’t blame leftists. It’s important to have someone to blame for the lack of civility that isn’t us.

      1. Do not use a real person’s name as your username when you are not that person. That is identity theft and defamation and it is illegal.

    2. Hey, I’ll bite: O’Brien HAS RUINED BALLARD while Rufo was RUNNING FOR OFFICE.
      I don’t recall Rufo causing harm to my neighbors’ businesses as a result of his decisions, unlike Mike “Kayak Soyboy” O’Brien.
      Threats and violence ARE UNACCEPTABLE which is why—wait for it, Genius…


      If someone ends up causing my loved ones to be endangered AT MY TAX EXPENSE I’m not gonna worry too much about that person’s personal safety, because – now think really hard here, Genius- people like O’Brien don’t care about mine.

        1. Yep, and there we have the liberal brilliance on full display. Go polish your kayak and do some recycling and ignore the trash and crap everywhere.

          1. Not an argument, Skippy, and typical passive aggressive tactics to dismiss and ignore things. Keep stuffing those syringes in your ears.

          2. Sadly, I’m not nearly as precious to City Hall, or to condescendingly smug liberals like yourself, as our feral criminal campers.

      1. The leaders of Ballard ruined Ballard. There is a decades long history of Ballard business and community leaders collaborating with the City to create a homeless overlay district out of Ballard’s core.

  5. Ah good. This morning we got to enjoy to screaming hobo junkies having their domestic problems out in public on Market Street (ah Holiday Magic!), and reports from neighbors of screaming (louder than usual, if that’s possible!) all night around Commons Park. Seattle is now an open-air jail. Nicely done, Libtards!

    Hey, enjoy this one:

    The lady who crapped in the planter boxes (removed at large taxpayer expense, naturally) in Lake City was given a free apartment for with her “boyfriend” (who uses these terms over age 35, really?) despite violating policy of housing facility and putting them ahead of others on the list. Long story short, 10 days into their free gimme gimmes they had a big domestic dispute and Romeo is in jail. Seattle just burns money on these losers and ruins our neighborhoods. PATHETIC

    1. When my remodel is over, I am too. The idiots from the right and the left have made the middle impossible to hold onto. This guy was a breath of fresh air.

      1. Out of curiosity, what “idiots on the right” have any sway in Seattle? This shitshow is all Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Baltimore, etc playbook. Blue City 101 all the way

    2. What took you so long? Move north 25 miles, we have room for you and you’ll like the clean streets, good schools, fair taxes and nobody camping in your ally. Oh and if there is riff raff, the cops come when you call them and do something, crazy huh?

      1. Good question. I have family in Ballard and wanted to stay near. But it’s just gotten too bad.

        And the sad part is it is all preventable with a little enforcement and good laws. All preventable.

        1. How? I mean, we have enforcement but there are so many people who lost homes and money due to how quickly we grew that neither enforcement nor the city could see it coming or keep up. What would you change? What can we change now?

          1. Are those the ones throwing tires around on Market Street, or pooping in planter boxes, or committing acts of domestic violence? Those people, who lost homes due to rapid growth? Not to, you know, maybe being criminals and idiots? Easier to just say ‘we grew and they didn’t grow with us’? Guess what? That’s called an unsuccessful transition into adulthood. Looks like lots of your friends in the Ballard Commons didn’t pull off that transition. But, go ahead, call it ‘growth and money’ if you like.

          2. The only thing I would change is you and your attitude that you are special and somehow are too stupid to see what these junkies are doing to this town

          3. I think this is a fair question.

            Other cities have also had massive growth in property values. Take Boston for example. Nearly zero homeless on the street in Cambridge, How do they do it? It’s illegal to camp, and illegal to park an RV on city streets. If you do so, you are arrested and all of your belongings are confiscated. This quickly moves people out of Cambridge.

            But then, Massachusetts has a lot more tax revenue, and a lot more cops.

            And citizens that care about their surroundings.

  6. wow, too bad. the SJW have used some seriously low tactics, but this is really bad even for them.

    why anyone is so interested in pandering to bums i have no idea…

  7. Just curious about how many of you self proclaimed social workers and SJW types have included the Ballard homeless on your Thanksgiving invitations for dinner? Work at a shelter for the day, serve food to the needy? They aren’t all junkies and criminals right, come on I know Afro man has to be on somebody’s list… Anyone, hello?

    1. Or maybe you donated whatever crap can goods out of your cupboard that you wouldn’t feed your family. Whatever let’s you sleep at night, oh wait you can’t sleep no matter how righteous you are cause the friggen bums and junkies are up all night screaming.

      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    2. Well, I know “Afro man”, as you called him, by name. I also know the names of each of the 16 people that have died on the streets in our neighborhood this year. I’ve spent time with each of them, trying to help them, as well as the many who are still on our streets right now. And, yes, I also volunteer to feed the people on the street in our neighborhood. Yes, there are a few junkies and scumbags that make it suck for everyone else. But there are good people on the streets here in Ballard, people who deserve more than the commentators on are ever willing to give them. How about you? What have you done to help these folks?

          1. I’m judging. Drug dealers are bad. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot

        1. How long has this guy been homeless (years?), and has he made any effort to accept help and get into housing? Doesn’t he have 2 or 3 cars parked around the Commons and the Library that have been ticketed multiple times?

          1. The guy has serious PTSD issues from the Vietnam war. I have no idea what he went through, but whatever it was wrecked him pretty good.

          2. Why don’t you move to the streets and help them? Maybe you should donate more money and more time. I don’t think you’re doing enough 2crows. You should do so much more…especially since Afroman knows you so well and really cares about you and not heroin and booze.

          3. So we’re just supposed to say, “Thank you for your service, now please sell drugs, facilitate crime and break lots of parking rules?” Sorry. Either avail yourself of the many benefits rightfully accruing to vets or go f*ck up some other town.

        2. Yeah, nothing about that is true. Bevin was not a user, and she had a serious issue that caused grand mal seizures. I know this, because I called ambulances for her many, many times. Pretty sure the EMTs weren’t lying to me about her condition. Mr. Recktenwald took care of her, up to her last moments, and I have to tell you, he loved that woman. I don’t know who made up this bit of disinformation that you posted, but it’s bullshit.

          Edit: Just found the source for this. Just fyi, David Preston is a piece of shit.

          1. Prove to me 2crows that all of these bums are as good a person as you. Personally, I think you should put your money where your mouth is. Since you think you’re so awesome, why don’t you let ole Afroman stay on your couch?
            And while we are at it, you should run for city council. You obviously will fit right in with the other criminals running the council.

          2. I am most definitely nice, and clearly not a moron because I don’t think people who rape are good people. I definitely don’t think drug dealers are good people either. While you, on the other hand, are a moron.

          3. Oh, wow, I just realized that I mis-spelled “unhinged”. You sound unhinged.

      1. Here’s your virtue medal. The rest of us would like a safe, clean neighborhood. As far as “not judging”: your passive aggressive idiocy has contributed to the overall decline in public safety this city is currently living under. Hope your “Masters in Social Work” is paying off. The rest of us have to deal with the UN-VOTED DECISIONS of this army of overpaid Leftist bureaucrats.

  8. Didn’t one of our founding fathers say that they pledged to one another their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor? Early Christians died for their faith. And people are doing so now around the world. Has it come to that now when we stand up for what is right in our own hometowns?

  9. It’s sad that this individual feels he and is family are threatened to the point of withdrawing from the race. The police should search, identify, and prosecute these individuals. Shame on those who threatened him and his family. Do we live in an age where you win by bulling the contenders or the legal authorities find you and prosecute you for your threats. Sad, sad day. Some may think this is the O’Brien supporters…. I sincerely hope not. I highly encourage you to step back into the race and demand the City of Seattle Police Force intervene and allow you to run for office as every citizen should be allowed to do without persecution.

    And for the record, Mike O’Brien’s name is not Mike O’Brine as listed many time in post prior to mine. So don’t be confused. O’Brine may or may not be O’Brien posting.

    1. What if it was O’Brine and his clan that were doing all of the harassing? Maybe that’s what politics has come to these days? Warfare.

  10. This was an atypical campaign for public office. Good luck to this guy in his future endeavors. Understand that he did not have any new ideas on how to approach community issues. His “policy paper” was an opinion piece written for a particular internet audience. His research is more precisely described as reviews of articles written with a skewed political agenda. He does not seem to be informed by the history of public health policy in King County and Washington State. I encourage him to become acquainted with the myriad of services and and variety of providers in King County besides SHARE-WHEEL.

    other than that LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL so long Chris – back to the drawing board – gotta find a new way to make your money.

  11. The libtard progressive activist way is to threaten, harass, etc. You gotta go low to get low. Sad state of affairs in Ballard. Libtards are like the Nazi Brown Shirts, they walk the same street but on opposite sides. One group strong arms and the other goes after your brain. MOB cretins behind this obviously. Probably led by the bike Nazi’s from Magnusson Park. Watched nine woman at volunteer park last month doing Yoga in front of Art Museum. Two of their vehicles were adorned by Cascade bike club stickers, yet when they were through working out they left parking lot in 8 separate vehicles with only one vehicle with two women in it. I guess we need more bike lanes to allow these women to commute in environmentally correct mode of transportation.

    1. Wow, you conservatives sure have crazy conspiracy theories! Personally I doubt there was harassment and if there was, it was a conservative behind it, totally their type of tactics.

  12. Ahh good, our descent into an urban hellscape under the inept rule of far-left demagogues like Michael O’Brien can continue unabated now.

    Oh, and as for the whole “don’t call us a mob” shtick…you are a mob, you ridiculous an-com scumbags. Get out of your parent’s basement and get a job. Maybe then you’ll understand the anger of taxpayers as their income dwindles away while more and more junkies flood the streets.

    1. I bet Mike O’Brien and his family gets 10x as many threats as this guy.

      Maybe 50x as there is incredible disdain for him from people who feel he somehow ruined their lives.

      I give him much credit for continuing to do his job (as he sees fit) w/o caving to the nut-jobs, many of whom comment here frequently

        1. Do you really believe Mike O’Brien does not get threatened? Those dopey fishermen had no issues going after him or his wife.

          Could you be more delusional?

          1. “I bet Mike O’Brien and his family gets 10x as many threats as this guy.

            Maybe 50x…”

            No I think you pulled numbers out of your ass

          2. Of course I pulled numbers out of my ass. Did you think I conducted a bunch of research to draw such conclusions? That would be rather dense.

            Every forum related to Seattle sees bitching about MOB. Some radio jockeys make a living trying to put him down. The guy has certainly had countless threats. 50x is more likely an underestimate.

            Chris Rufo is clearly very thin-skinned and would not have solved one iota of crime, homelessness, etc.

          3. You really should shut your mouth when you speak. You know nothing

  13. Harassing an 8-year old and making sexual and racial comments to the man’s spouse? You’re no better than the POS’s that you are so concerned about, in fact worse.

  14. Why does this not surprise me? Seattle “progressives” have time and again proven their vaunted “tolerance and inclusiveness” do NOT extend to any opposing viewpoints, and their vitriolic hate for anyone who dares speak against them is well-known. This is the culture of hate the democrats have created in this country, and it’s sad to see how low Seattle has sunk into the cesspool of leftist politics. It used to be a much more tolerant city till the democrats turned it into a bastion of liberal hate. The real shame is that there’s no effective way to identify the terrorists who threatened Rufo and his family, so they could be criminally prosecuted and jailed as they deserve. Welcome to the democrats’ version of America… (sigh).

  15. Something feels really fishy about this whole thing. A one-issue right winger says they are going to run for the seat in a big announcement, hyping their homeless plan. Only a week later they pull out, claiming harassment, and blaming it on activists in their announcement.

    I have so many questions. Did a conservative like Rufo ever think they had a chance of winning an election in liberal Ballard? Was he actually harassed, is there any proof of it? Why did he blame activists? Does he know who actually harassed him? And where did all the conservative sock puppets come from on here that are posting under fake names and upvoting each other’s accounts? Or is it just one dedicated Trumper with too much time on their hands in their mom’s basement creating all these fake profiles?

    It feels like a PR stunt to give attention to his homeless plan and trash homeless activists. Would anyone have read Rufo’s homeless plan if he hadn’t announced he was running for office? I sure wouldn’t have.

      1. No, Rufo wrote for the right wing National Review and worked for the conservative Discovery Institute, that’s what makes him a right winger.

          1. No one wants trash on our streets and everyone wants the homeless problem solved. Right, left and center, we are all on the same side on these issues, we just differ on the solutions.

          2. Jail. Like the rest of us when we break the law. That’s the solution

          3. Jail is a super expensive solution and pretty questionable. If that’s the best you got, you need to do more research.

    1. You’re right, Dan. Fishy as h*ll.

      Rufo wasn’t harassed — he was *challenged*. He’s a proto-fascist, think-tank protege (by the way, he also writes for/hangs around the Manhattan Institute) and was told in no uncertain terms that people would fight him and his hate-filled mob (who overlap heavily with Safe Seattle and Speak-Out Seattle) who are escalating the rhetoric to such a degree that somebody was shot over the issue.

      I have knowledge of most of what went down. Conservatives and their anti-homeless lackeys are busy using local media to harness the frustration over the visible and intractable problem of lack of housing, not mention build on the momentum of the collapse of the employee head-tax to attack the Seattle City Council (for instance, Rob Johnson is already standing down). And with the announcement of his campaign, the very public challenges in real life and on social media, some things happened, words were said and it escalated from there. Believe me there are no innocent “victims” here.

      The fact that they’ve contacted SPD over this is a cruel joke. Let’s see how Rich Smith at The Stranger follows this up and sends these not ready for prime-time players to the dustbin of history…

        1. No matter how sh*tty Seattle becomes, people still slavishly obey the perverts at the School Paper (aka The Stranger) because we should all pretend it’s the 90’s or something.

          The progressives around here, once sane and reasonable, morphed into money-grubbing totalitarians who seem to only enjoy taxes and public defecation while banning open debate and honest assessments of REALITY. The conservatives that I know want to keep their money, yet the liberals want to DESTROY the conservatives because they don’t “recognize the 5000+ genders” and won’t embrace decriminalizing HEROIN. See something wrong here?

          Lest we forget, The Stranger supported Ed Murray right up to the bitter end, so even their “victim’s advocacy” line is a crock of sh*t. People were ruined for much less than the multiple accusations against Murray.

          Buckwinders “not ready for prime time” comment says a lot: this is a Hollywood mentality and we all know how that place is run.

      1. Did you really reply to your own comment by attempting to imitate me? You are truly more mentally ill than any of us could have ever imagined.

        I’m flattered by your little crush on me, but get help dude.

  16. Chris I am so very sorry to hear of all your troubles. The low life’s that harassed you and your family disgrace all those who fought for this country in support of Democracy.

  17. So the guy with the mixed race family got chased out of the race because he was a conservative?


    1. He wanted to feed at the trough of a far right wing, Christian political party and apparently those “compassionate Christian conservatives” didn’t take too kindly to his mixed race relationship.

      The same “compassionate” people have now flooded a neighborhood blog to try to blame it on everyone else.

      Elementary, my dear Sockpuppet!

    2. Well, to be fair, I wasn’t able to put up with 1/10th of the harassment Mike O’Brien puts up with and I realized I just wouldn’t have the strength to do it that he does.

      1. Yeah, O’Brien is a real pillar of strength – just like Durkan, Murray, and all the other woke loser perverts/corrupt scumbags. Are you huffing paint in the RV again?
        Hey tell me who will pay for all the taxes or grow the food/catch fish/operate ranches for your pet bastard kids and failed infrastructure boondoggles after you’ve purged all the “evil Christian conservatives” from their own country? Enjoy eating dirt with that pink hat on, Social Justice Morons! Looks like this bubble 3.0 is ready to pop again, and I know for damn sure if the fur starts flying you’re heading north, east, or to higher altitudes. Better learn how to behave to your new potential neighbors.

    1. That made me think…there are still some SJW yo-yo’s on here calling him a right wing ‘N@zi’, so to speak. Because Conservative immediately means you’re a N@zi…right? Wrong. If that were the case, I doubt he’d have an Asian-American wife and mixed-race family. Yeah, that just screams racial purity to me! So to all the SJW’s who’ve been harassing him as a ‘right wing N@zi’, guess what? Some people just want to conserve what we have (hence the name Conservative) instead of throwing more money down the deep well of ineptitude like our city council has been doing for years now.

    1. If you read the Stranger article, you would know it wasn’t “the left” but rather one fellow father at their mutual kids school.

  18. This is why radical leftists are no longer my countrymen, but my enemies. And why I will not disarm, no matter what gun control laws they pass. These filthy little Red Guards would put me and everyone I know in a concentration camp or on a gibbet, if they had the power.

    Prepare for the counter-revolution, and shed no tears when the subhuman communist lice are treated as they mean to treat us.

    1. When they aren’t trying to ban guns they’re arming themselves or their proxies (gangs, cartels, etc), using the junkies as a cudgel, and promoting the worst kind of violent ghetto “culture”. It’s really quite something. The Antifa types ARE violent lunatics but they are just LOUSY at it. It would be funny if it wasn’t ruining our city and country at large – which is less a commie takeover and more of just cultural rot from shitty schools, too much tech and too little masculinity.

      Take heart: the communists have always lost in the West. There simply isn’t the means of a “Glorious Revolution” here or the will to carry it out on their part. Without cops playing referee they wouldn’t dare most of the things they do – it’s pure theatrics.
      Ya know, histrionic personalities, narcissistic personalities. Dying a slow anonymous death like a “real revolutionary” for a cause is not even in the same universe as this fake “activism”. Casto would laugh at these soyboys. Pathetic. He’d burn a cigar and go to the whorehouse.

      You really think these iphone sluts and soyboys have the same will as the Chinese communists or the early Soviets? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

    2. If you’re the type of support he’s going to energize, he’s doing us a favor. Ugh. Sitting in a basement waiting for them to come, are you?

  19. Great to get more information on this. The sequence is curious. Why not go to the cops about the principle offender before resigning? And it must be nice to be able to spend the next few months writing essays.

  20. Sorry that he and his family felt inclined to quit. But maybe I should run. There is no reason to complain about someone tactics if you’re not going to fight back. And I bet there will be hella problems since I’m a Black and a woman, if I so choose to run. A hhh I can just imagine.

  21. Sounds like Mike O’Brien supporters are well organized when it comes to attacking women and children. One could still write in Rufo for city council.

  22. I’m not buying these allegations of harassment. People in Seattle are very kind and considerate and tolerant. I doubt any “liberals” would engage in this kind of activity. I think this is just a ploy.

  23. First, the comments towards Rufo’s wife should not be tolerated.
    Second, these people making the comments were not “activists” in any sense of the word. They were internet trolls. These exist on both sides of the political spectrum, and they are not activists. They are people who sit at home and write hateful things without going out and trying to make positive change for their communities.
    Finally, from Suphatra’s article:
    “the conservative values of family, hard work, and personal responsibility” – this phrase is an example of the flawed logic of the Rufos. None of those are “conservative” values. They are human values. Progressives also believe in family (and community), hard work (and equality), and personal responsibility (and compassion). The difference is there’s so much hatred on the right these days putting blame on people who don’t have. Single mother can’t afford a home (and clothes, transportation, food, and medical care) for her and her kids? She should be working another job. Middle-aged guy who had a back surgery and was over-prescribed pain meds and is now addicted to heroin because it’s what’s available? He must be a “junkie” who is lazy and doesn’t want to work. Young guy who grew up in a foster home and was kicked out on the street with severe mental illness when he turned 18 without any skills, help for college, or hope for the future? Time to pull himself up by his bootstraps.
    All I have seen by the Rufos is blaming the folks in our society who need help. Have they offered any solutions to improve the lives of those people? Have they offered any solutions to prevent people from getting into those kinds of terrible situations to begin with? Or have they come up with band-aids that sweeps these people under the rug and further increases hatred against them?
    Again, there should be zero tolerance for anyone saying hateful things against the Rufos. Simultaneously, I hope the Rufos quit being hypocritical and find ways to actually help the community.

    1. There should be zero tolerance for lazy addicts who weren’t parented properly, many of whom made the decision to pursue their gratification at the expense of the rest of us. Burglaries are VIOLENCE. Verbal harassment on the street is assault, and assaults are VIOLENCE. All your “safe space” nonsense is now derelict, moot, and self parody. Let’s not even talk about the REAL VIOLENCE against citizens by the tent junkie army.

      That you are NOT OUTRAGED AT THAT MORE THAN you are about some “flawed logic” by Rufo’s wife is a PERFECT DEMONSTRATION of why liberals are, in this era, the ruination of democracy and civil political discourse. Don’t make me pay for your social projects which fail over and over and lead to massive problems down the line.

      Liberals CREATED THE SINGLE MOM CULTURE. Now we all have to deal with the little criminal kids and the hefty welfare bill. Conservatives predicted this decades ago, and even some Democrats were/are aware of this. These problems don’t exists in a vacuum, and for all your “we love science” talk your slavish devotion to Feminism 3.0 (which is really about abrogation of any responsibility by women regarding their sex while demanding full subsidization) has led us to this dark cul-de-sac in history.

  24. It’s wonderful how you can log into MyBallard and get a straight into Discovery Institute News. Is MyBallard their mouthpiece? Kinda seems like it.

  25. I have worked with one of these two– it was a terrible experience, and still, I can identify this as some BS. Trolling is an epidemic.

  26. Seattle politics is hopelessly corrupt…one who would run for office needs a powerful backing, not for those with ethics. One would need to be dirtier than O’Brian. If one has any regard for their family….stay away from social media, especially FB. Envy makes many well paid foreign people targets of hate,,,the exposure of public life can be hazardous.

  27. Sorry I’m out of the loop lately since we’ve been away…. Anyways, if he was harassed, threatened etc the person’s responsible should be held as such.
    After reading these comments I’d say it’s almost without a doubt that the current council member is harassed and threatened to a greater degree. In which case, hold them also accountable to the greatest extent of the law.
    This city is better than this.

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