Walter’s to close up shop after Thanksgiving

Walter’s, the beloved cafe and ice creamery in Sunset Hill, will be closing its doors for good this week. Their last day of business will be this Friday from 6am to 9pm, and they’re throwing a big goodbye party on Saturday, Nov. 24.

The coffee shop at 6408 32nd Ave NW has been in business for nearly three decades, but this summer, property owner Gibraltar Investment Property Solutions gave Walter’s a notice to vacate. Their original vacate day was August 31, but the community wasn’t ready for that — they successfully bargained for a few extra months and now must be out by Nov. 30. 

Their closing party will be a “kickass leftovers party”, scheduled for Saturday from noon to 9pm.

Owner Walter Pawelko told My Ballard earlier this summer that he has no plans to relocate.

No word yet on what will take its place — we hear that it may reopen as a restaurant. We’ll update with any new info.


20 thoughts to “Walter’s to close up shop after Thanksgiving”

  1. Walt’s has been a treasure to Ballard and will be sorely missed. Thank you for your many years of service to our Sunset Hill Community. May the memory of Walt’s serve as a blessing to those in the community who understood what good local businesses mean.

  2. Since well before our son was born we have held Walters as our spot…he’s 11 now and going there after a walk for an ice cream or for a special breaky has always been a family treat. Love you all there and keep us posted if anything comes to a future spot. -Best

    1. Will Piccolino’s across the street pick up the slack, with their over-priced and stingy pastries, so-so coffee drinks and rather snobby baristas?

        1. Obviously you have not had Piccolino’s pastries, coffee or the worst chicken breast sandwich in the world at that place. And, one of their barista’s needs to check her attitude at the door. Try it out, then come back here and comment honestly.

          And, while you contemplate that, also wonder why Walter’s had 3X the foot traffic of that place, which is considerably larger? Lots and lots of room for improvement.

          1. It’s really sad to read these types of hateful comments targeted at other community businesses.

            We just wanted to thank Walter for being part of the community, the many memories and wish him the best.

      1. Hah! I avoided Walter’s after the first time I went in there for a cup of coffee and was told they only sold espresso drinks! Too fancy for me!

  3. Ah, good. another small business closing. We call this a “success story” here in New Ballard aka Opposite Land. Looking forward to more multi use buildings.

  4. So sad, got to make room for all those condos, had many a fun time walking home from adams to Walters to the marina. When they got beer and wine that was a nice treat for the adults. Sad to see it go.

  5. I guess it is not surprising that Gibraltar Investment Property Solutions are commonly characterized as nothing less than slum lords. Wish they were NOT a part of the neighborhood.

  6. I moved to sunset hill 2 years ago and I have never heard about that place walters…. it is part of business life… after all, it is a business, do we have to whine for everything that happens in life?

  7. Thank you, Walter. We’ve been walking up the street to your establishment, from the beginning! We will definitely miss you & Kim. Good luck & good health in retirement !

  8. Sooo sorry to hear this, but all the best and thanks to Walter. My husband was just wishing for one of their milkshakes yesterday. We did not know they had closed. We live in Fremont, but often made the trip to for a treat through the years. A special place…

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