Robbery suspect attempts to carjack several vehicles on Fremont Ave.

Updated: Seattle police say they arrested a suspect Saturday afternoon who robbed a Fremont business at gunpoint and attempted to carjack several vehicles.

The robbery took place at 2:40 p.m. at a store in the 4400 block of Fremont Ave. N., which is likely Marketime Foods. Over a 15-minute period as the suspect fled, he tried to carjack “three or four motorists from their vehicles and attempted to break into a building,” police said.

Officers were able to take him into custody at N 39th St. and Bridge Way.

There were no reported injuries.

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40 thoughts to “Robbery suspect attempts to carjack several vehicles on Fremont Ave.”

  1. Any idea where he was from? Local ID?

    I worry that the writer of the story, by using the gender pronoun “him” reinforces the stereotype that most criminals are male.

    1. One person was arrested for Robbery that day – he has multiple priors from this year alone, mostly for harassment and criminal trespassing. So, yeah, likely a camper. Also, he’s from California.

  2. From a Ballard resident & homeowner (>10 yrs), thanks to the SPD for the successful arrest. As for the first few comments here, I know I’m not alone in feeling like the increasingly common, unproductive and self righteous comments like these are making this blog’s comment threads almost unreadable. We, our neighborhood and our city, have a homelessness problem. This crime may have been committed by a homeless person, or maybe not. What’s the point in these comments other than to judge others who have a different view of the situation? No one wants more crime in our neighborhood. So unless you have anything useful or constructive to add, please knock it off.

    A neighborhood parents Facebook group was shut down today by its administrators because too many members were getting into arguments about controversial topics. I’m not one to shy away from debate but there is constructive debate, and then there is what passes for debate on internet comment threads and twitter these days and it is rarely constructive.

    This website is a useful platform for neighbors to share info about what’s going on in our neighborhood. I don’t want the editors to shut down commenting on this website because of this BS.

      1. Um… it is also within my 1st amendment rights to have an opinion, and no one asked you for yours either.

        Every post on MyBallard these days gets commented on by, well, I don’t know who, maybe you, with snarky comments about Mike OBrien and SJWs. Even posts about the high school music concerts. It’s ridiculous.

        The 1st amendment does not protect you from people disagreeing with you or telling you that you’re being a a**hole.

          1. As I said, there is constructive debate, and then there is what passes for debate on internet comment threads and twitter these days and it is rarely constructive.

          2. You see, JM98107/Various MyBallard Sockpuppet Accounts has lotsa time to troll away. Years, really. Is it 14+ years of trolling MyBallard so far? Having no life must suck. He was better off counting RVs.; was actually getting out into the real world once in a while.

          3. Tell me if you know about the recent crimes in Ballard? Once you’re done using the Google, find the article that talks about how the seattle police are leaving because of people like you. Once you’re done reading that article, find that one that says that SPD has only 8 police on patrol on night shift. That’s right. 8. For all of seattle. Why you ask? Because of morons like you and the city council you voted for.

        1. You and the other seem to be misinformed, the first amendment protects you from the government… for everyone else, you’re fair game.

          1. So. What you’re saying is you’re siding with the gunmen in this story?

    1. So…Seattle has a homeless problem. Are you offering a space on your couch for some crazy meth head that will break into a Ballard house tomorrow night…and the next night…and the next night to continue their fix? Didn’t think so. Oh my God…controversial topics on a lame parents’ Facebook group! The sad part is that the Facebook group is probably for those millennials who own dogs and think they are actually the same as kids. We should just all shut our mouthes if you don’t like differing viewpoints right? Typical Facebook censorship bs. And yes, Lyin’ Mike O’ Brien does want crime to increase so that he can continue to increase taxes.

      1. Huh? Are you saying you think I *should* offer a spot on my couch to a meth addict? (Because, no, I’m not.) I can’t even follow what point you are trying to make.

        I’m not suggesting you should be censored. I’m pointing out that you (and/or others) are trolling. And it’s ruining this site for the rest of us. That’s what I came here to say.

        I’d actually be interested if you have any ideas about solutions for the increase in homelessness and also some of the crime that is occurring. That is, if they are actually achievable and constructive. That would be great.

        1. Anne Marie,

          You ask if anyone has any ideas about solutions for the increase in homelessness and crime. The solutions are not rocket science and don’t need a lot of debate here. They can be summarized very easily- enforce the existing laws of Seattle. No-loitering laws to keep sidewalks and pathways clear and safe. No camping in city parks. No public defecation. Parking ordinance enforcement. No operating unlicensed and unsafe motor vehicles. No illegal drug use and dumping of dangerous drug paraphernalia. Add to the list if you wish!

          What does appear in these comments is rising frustration that our city leaders have taken a clear stand NOT to enforce these laws. A lot of this frustration shows up as snarky and mean-spirited comments. Guess what… that’s what an increasing number of people feel like doing after dozens of Find-it-Fix-it submittals and as many emails and phone calls to our elected officials have produced zero results!

          I would like to listen to any solutions that you have.

        2. I’m glad I can have the opportunity to “ruin this site” for the rest of you because you have ruined this town for the rest of us.

        3. If you don’t like the comments, consider the possibility that they might just be a natural reaction to a problem that has grown out of control because of the policies of the city and its vagrant enablers. We’re tired being told we’re just a bunch of NIMBY pearl clutchers and the situation isn’t isn’t gritting worse, when we all know it is. So pardon us if we sound snarky and cynical about the crap that’s been going on in our neighborhoods lately.

          No one is forcing you to read the comments here. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. Likewise, no one is stopping you from posting comments you consider to be constructive.

        4. Came back here to remind you there’s a meeting with your clan leader at the Nordic museum tomorrow. Don’t forget to say hi to your fellow junkies while you’re there.
          I wanted to also remind you that you suck and that you’re the problem with this town

      2. why is that always your comment? ” are you offering a place on your couch?”
        that is just stupid to be very honest and has nothing at all to do with the homeless issue we face.
        so if i may make a suggestion……..please stop trolling “my ballard” with your ignorant comments and use that time to get out and help alleviate the situation instead of just being an annoying asshole in the comment section.
        is that all you have to do with your time is to troll the comments?
        get a life. be a real part of ballard……if you even live here. not just be as much a part of the problem as the homeless themselves with your invasive arrogant comments and views.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. So many childish comments I find myself looking around Ballard and realizing that we have changed so much that we don’t recognize the immaturity of the millennial’s till you hear them in a public setting. I frequent a local bar and am truly amazed by what I hear, and I believe those same young adults are commenting over and over on this newsite. Constructive criticism is one thing but childish rants are, well, childish. And your right Wallbanger, nobody asked for my opinion either. Have a nice holiday season and spread some joy.

    3. *POOBAH alert* Blah blah blah. Tell us about your feelings. And please don’t include me in your assessments of the problems here. I didn’t vote for any of these turds allowing what we all now have to wade through each and every day. Quite contrarily though, you did, and now must feel guilty as you ramble on here. I thought dissent was “patriotic”??? I will rise above you and soon be looking down on you, like you do to others here.

    4. Oh noez the people are being mean! Plenty of people have made “useful and constructive” suggestions: increase affordable housing/mental health/addiction services, increase police, start prosecuting crimes. But somewhere between my taxes going up and holding criminals accountable for degrading our community, we all transform into racist NIMBYs. F*ck that and f*ck you, Anne Marie. F*ck you. The third package that was stolen off my porch last month sponsors that message.

    5. “because too many members were getting into arguments about controversial topics. ”

      That’s English for “too many people dared to question social justice warriors”.

  3. I am positive this person was NOT doing any of this to get gas money. I am also positive area residents are conditioned to this crap and seemingly like and tolerate a certain amount of chaos. Part of a white guilt issue or something I will never understand. When anybody dares to state their feelings about what is allowed to continue on and the direction the entire area is heading many here get defensive and talk about this right and that right. Nobody has a right to hear anybody else. And being offended isn’t a crime. And we are NOT talking about homeless. We ARE talking heroin/drugs. Hey Anne Marie: take these fine folks into YOUR home and leave MY bank account alone. Your compassion shouldn’t mean spending others hard earned money. Typical Ballard liberal

    1. The dude that tries to carjack me is going to get shot… plus don’t forget, it’s legal to shoot someone to prevent a violent felony in this state. Citizens got to take the law in their own hands.

    2. I agree it seems to be based in some form of middle class guilt, which I do not share. My parents were poor, and worked their asses off to send me to college and make an easier life for me. Many who live in squalor in the Seattle area do so *by choice*, and for some reason, saying that, admitting the truth, makes you deplorable.

      O’Brien most certainly shows this trait of “middle class guilt.” And he’s taking us all down with him to satisfy that.

  4. Well done to SPD for the fast response to this crime and capturing the robber. We should support our local police force and do everything we can to stop criminals from getting away with criminal acts.

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