Protected bike lines coming to N 34 St in Fremont

Fremont will soon be getting new bike lanes along N 34th St.

For the past year, the Seattle Department of Transportation has been working on plans to change the bike lanes on N 34th between Fremont Ave N and Stone Way. The current bike lanes are aligned directly next to the flow of traffic, but the new design will maintain the two, one-way bike lanes and create parking lanes to protect bicyclists from traffic.

SDOT says they aim to enhance bicycle safety while also preserving freight access on N 34th St. They’ve also created an online survey to get feedback from the community on the design.

For more information about the project, click here.

Photos courtesy SDOT

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This looks to be a nice way of making the roads safer while preserving the needs of everyone.


This is stuuupid. There is already a nicer bike lane nowhere near traffic 1 block away on the big trail.