Fiore Sunset Hill reopens on Monday

The long wait is over: Fiore Sunset Hill will opens its doors on Monday.

The cafe is reopening after more than a year hiatus, caused by a fire in 2017 that also badly damaged their neighbors, Cocina Esperanza. It’s rebranded — Caffe Fioré is now Fiore Sunset Hill, independently owned by Deming Maclise and different from the other three Caffe Fiorés, which are now owned and operated by Caffe Vita (a tad confusing, we know).

In addition to a new logo, the cafe has undergone some changes and upgrades: Maclise traveled to Amsterdam last year and brought back some unique fixtures for the cafe, which along with custom-made metal works, gives the cafe a new, different aesthetic from before the fire.

Fiore Sunset Hill will reopen on Monday, Jan. 14 at 6am.

7 thoughts to “Fiore Sunset Hill reopens on Monday”

  1. For anyone who forgot why they were out of business:

    “Fiore owner Deming Maclise told KOMO over the weekend that the perpetrator stacked a number of Adirondack chairs outside the store and lit them on fire.”

      1. More speculation. Just as likely to be the same clean cut white guy who started fires in Fremont. Or the teenagers who set up fireworks around the neighborhood.

      1. Time to tell MOB along with all other morons on the city council to simply hit the road. Nice to see this business back up + running though. Will go out of my for a latte ASAP to show support, as I too am a small biz guy.

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