Aslan Brewing Co. to open Fremont location

The Ballard-Fremont brewery scene is about to have a new neighbor: Bellingham-born Aslan Brewing Co. will be opening a Fremont location this summer.

Aslan posted the news on Facebook: “Soon, we will be able to give the Seattle community access to a wider selection of seasonal offerings, barrel projects, and specialty can releases, as well as the staples we have all come to know and love,” they write.

“We’ve been looking for a spot in Seattle for a couple years now, and couldn’t be happier finding a home in Fremont,” Jack Lamb, CEO of Aslan told the Washington Beer Blog. “Expansion can be a scary thing, but we are confident this is more a step toward quality than anything else.”

The brewery will take shape on the corner of N 36th St and Phinney Ave N, in a new three-story timber building that will also house the restaurant Revel and retailer, evo.

“Here’s to radical collaborations and a very bright future for independent craft beer!” Aslan writes.

Renderings from Cedar Speedster


15 thoughts to “Aslan Brewing Co. to open Fremont location”

  1. Ballard is becoming quite the beer drinking destination, kind of like Woodinville with wine. I wonder if all these breweries are profitable. I keep reading where beer consumption is dropping, people are drinking more wine and ciders and other spirits. With all the competition and the startup costs and cost of doing business in Seattle I imagine it can be challenging to be profitable. Good luck guys, hope you do well!!!

  2. With all of the impositions; IE compliances foisted upon businesses by the incessant layers of government, I often wonder why people would want to come INTO Seattle to do things. And these are reflected in the price of a glass/bottle too. Interesting how many beer makers there are though in the area. Saturation? Market will determine this I guess. Me? Sober 17 years now!

      1. “Must be more to Seattle being such as successful city than what you whine about!”

        There sure is: Oligarchs and corrupt Democrats. Oh, and the rainbow flags they put everywhere to keep their autistic schoolchildren employees sedated.

    1. I wonder how a brewery with an overtly Christian name will do in a community hostile to religion.

      I know you’re just a concern troll, but have you seen the amount of churches that are in Ballard?

      1. “I know you’re just a concern troll, but have you seen the amount of churches that are in Ballard?”

        Fake protestant liberal church isn’t real church.

          1. Anyone even remotely familiar with literature would know that Aslan is synonymous with Jesus.

            Don’t criticize others because of your ignorance.

            This brewery is clearly proselytizing.

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