Update on apartments planned for 15th Ave next to Ballard High School

Two apartment buildings are in the works for the El Camion restaurant and Corry’s dry cleaning block across the street from Ballard High School, but plans are still evolving in terms of what those developments will look like.

The two properties were purchased by Pryde + Johnson, which according to the DJC  paid $1.36 million for the El Camion site in 2016, and $2 million for the Corry’s site last year. The architects of the two projects, Clark | Barnes, also designed the two Valdok apartments on 17th Ave NW.

For the El Camion lot, a 5-story, 60-unit apartment building is proposed, with 30 parking stalls.

The lot directly south, home to Corry’s Dry Cleaning/Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Cleaning and Platine Salon, is slated for a 5-story, 35-unit apartment building with retail on the ground floor, and parking for 29 vehicles. The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) is currently reviewing the Master Use Permit application for that site, available here.

The most recent sketches for the Corry’s lot development are available on Seattle in Progress.

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      1. “Why is it people want to live in fishbowls so GD close together?”

        I think it’s a legitimate question. At no point did anyone say they couldn’t live there.

        Don’t you have another website you can go troll?

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        1. I love liberals.

          You heard it here folks!

          But seriously, there’s plenty of other housing options in the City that you are free to purchase or rent. Your whining is unnecessary.

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