Ballard Yards apartments on Market St in final review

The 171-unit apartment building proposed for 2417 NW Market St is up for a final review.

As reported in the DJC, the building will be designed by VIA Architecture and is owned by Carmel Partners of San Diego. The complex has been named Ballard Yards — fitting as the property backs up right against the Ship Canal boatyards.

The seven-story apartment building will have ground-level retail space, and two levels of underground parking for 100 vehicles.

The building is home to used bookstore Twice Sold Tales, Ballard Transfer Company, Healthy Nails salon and specialty window store Lundgren Enterprises. As for the different companies’ plans, the bookstore is moving to 17th and Market, Ballard Transfer Company has closed, the nail salon will be moving, as will Lundgren.

We’ll update when we know more about Healthy Nails’ and Lundgren’s plans to relocate.

17 thoughts to “Ballard Yards apartments on Market St in final review”

  1. I do wonder how the folks living there will feel about the shipyard horn in the morning, the sounds of grinding and hammering, and the wafting odor of Xylene, not to mention the Ballard RR!

    1. Let me paint the picture for you all… they will lease/sell like hotcakes, they will know that there is a shipyard across the street when they lease/buy and then they will form a coalition to shut down the shipyard because it offends them, same with the BRR.
      Just like the morons that buy homes under an airport flight path and then bitch that it’s noisy. It’s called personal responsibility people, own your choices and don’t make your bad decisions someone else’s issues.

      1. Just a note- Seattle is the maritime center for Alaska and the west coast. It’s a multimillion dollar industry and tremendously important to the city and the region. It’s pretty tough to shut down a shipyard, thank goodness, as they have powerful friends like Foss and many others.

      2. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention for the past 75 years, but Sea-Tac Airport has not budged once to accommodate property owner complaints. They’ve stuck to their guns of “we’ve been here for longer than you” and rightfully so. They did soundproof nearby homes and other mitigation when they built the third runway, but they needed concessions from surrounding communities, also rightfully so.

        So what makes you think that new condo owners would have any means of shutting down the shipyard? You’re raising an alarm before something even exists.

        1. Wow Truth, I don’t know if YOU paid attention in the last two hours. My comment was obviously tongue in cheek and pro-shipyard and waterfront businesses. Jesus H Christ, some people just don’t have any sense of humor and satire. Trust me Truth when I say, THEY WILL BITCH and try to make us change what we have been doing for the last 140 years and waste your tax dollars doing it…it’s a given. WTFU!

          1. Your posts are difficult to follow, typically don’t have anything of actual substance, and don’t forget THE RANDOM CAPS LOCK to show you MEAN BUSINESS. So you’ll forgive me when it’s difficult to tell when your posts are meant to be serious, humorous or just plain delusional.

            But again, see my previous comment where your faux-alarmist post about the shipyards going away because of a few upset condo owners is completely unfounded. The only reason the shipyards will go away is when the prospect of selling for a crap-ton of money becomes too lucrative for the owners to resist.

            Also, nobody believes for a second are pro-shipyard. I get that you think pretending to be pro-shipyard might ruffle somebody’s feathers, but nobody is anti-shipyard, so your concern trolling falls extremely flat.


          2. Ok Truth, you win. I’m stupid and you are smart, I don’t know what I’m talking about and you have all the answers, I am in awe of your masterful handling of differing opinions and view points. So glad you called me out, otherwise people might actually look into my statements and spur critical thought. So glad you are here to keep me in line, thank you.

          3. No problem. Maybe some day you can write relevant posts that contribute to intelligent discourse and aren’t just “ME=GOOD, EVERYTHING NOT ME=BAD” rants.

  2. The design of this project was approved by the Design Review Board yesterday. This means it has moved from the design review phase to the permitting phase wherein structural/architectural/etc. designs are reviewed to check code compliance. Point is, the design is essentially approved at this point.

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