Accessibility improvements underway at Golden Gardens

The bathhouse and some pathways at Golden Gardens are being improved to provide better wheelchair access.

Seattle Parks and Recreation is currently improving accessibility in the bathhouse, parking and paths at the park. In the bathhouse, they’re doing work on the interior bathrooms, comfort stations and kitchen. In the parking lot, they’ll be replacing existing accessible parking and selected paths to improve access to some park elements.

The department started work in mid-January, and expects to be finished in early April. In the meantime, portable toilets will be placed near the bathhouse. And, because the current ADA parking will be closed, they’ll create temporary accessible parking spots.

Path access to the north beach area will be closed — to get to the beach, access will be through the adjacent lawn.

Thanks Ila, for posting about this in the My Ballard Group!

2 thoughts to “Accessibility improvements underway at Golden Gardens”

  1. How about more than ONE SINGLE CRAPPER for entire beach full of people?
    Oh that’s right we spent all the money on $500k junkie toilets and gibsmedat for assorted other losers.

    1. starting to think you don’t actually live in ballard. there have been portable toilets at the beach at least for the last couple of years. that said, building more toilets would be helpful.

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