Ballard High cheerleaders win state competition

The Ballard High cheerleading team has reason to celebrate: both squads have won at the state championship over the weekend and are on their way to nationals in Orlando.

Both the 2A/3A/4A Non-Tumbling Large (aka Red squad) and the 3A/4A Medium (aka Black squad) have taken first place in their divisions. This is the first state championship for the non-tumbling team, and only their second year competing.

The national competition is Feb. 8 – 10 in Orlando — congratulations and good luck to the BHS squad!

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Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

Does this present a conundrum for the militant feminists out there (i.e. all the pink fascists running this city)?
>women winning
>contest of “outdated patriarchal heteronormative blah blah”


bucky gets triggered by everything these days