Dr. Jay Fathi from Fremont joins the District 6 race

A Fremont-based doctor has just joined the race for Seattle City Council.

Dr. Jay Fathi, a Democrat, physician and lifelong Seattle resident, is making his first run for office, seeking to represent District 6 and take Mike O’Brien’s seat on city council.

The son of an Iranian immigrant, Fathi was raised by his single mother in Seattle. He now has two sons attending Ballard High and Hamilton Middle School, where he coaches the boys’ basketball team.

Fathi attended medical school at the University of Washington, and then spent 12 years working at the NeighborCare Health 45th Street Community Clinic for low income and underserved patients. He then went on to Swedish Medical Center, and spent five years building programs under Obamacare. He currently teaches at the UW School of Medicine.

In a statement announcing his candidacy, Fathi has said he will focus on “solutions to homelessness and addiction, early learning and schools, as well as neighborhood priorities.”

“Today, Seattle faces an urgent public health crisis on our streets. I’ll bring a needed set of skills to address the complex homelessness, addiction, and mental health needs of thousands who need and deserve shelter, care and services,” Fathi said.

On why he’s running, Fathi said this: “There is clearly a frustration in our neighborhoods, small businesses, and families about a lack of progress on critical issues—from citywide issues like homelessness and traffic to basic local needs in our parks and playgrounds, streets and schools.

“I’ve spent my career working with people from all walks of life to solve problems with compassion and care. I’ve built programs and partnerships to help improve the lives and health of our communities. I’ve worked as an educator and volunteer to put my values into action. On the City Council I’ll put this experience to work every day for the people of District 6, and all of Seattle.”

Fathi has said he won’t be accepting corporate contributions — rather, he’s participating in the city’s democracy voucher program, and is, “committing to grassroots donations and campaigning”.

So far, he’s endorsed by former Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess, who told the Seattle Times he’s “backing only Jay”.

To learn more about Fathi and his campaign, visit his website: JayforSeattle.com.

15 thoughts to “Dr. Jay Fathi from Fremont joins the District 6 race”

  1. I’m sure this guy means well but the “maverick liberal moderate” voices just end up serving the “woke” corporate ruination agenda: fleecing the workers for high taxes and forcing them out of neighborhoods to make way for condo canyons and premium membership entitlement vassals who vote Democrat. Sad!

  2. He doesn’t sound like a “Safe Seattle” douche bag, so he might have my vote. Just keep Preston, Lever, and Barlowe away from him!

    1. Hey yeah screw those people who like safe, clean cities where THEY PAY A PREMIUM TO LIVE! Genius! Take my money and give it to junkies! Nice strategy, DemonRATS

  3. Looking forward to hearing more. We need new ideas.

    I would like to hear a candidate voice support for SPD. I think empowering them to do their job is crucial at this point.

    1. Thank you for saying that. Totally agree. And part of that support should be training, transparency and accountability so that the partnership between SPD and the people they protect and serve is as strong as it can be.

      1. WTF does transparency really mean to you pal? Haven’t these people had their hands already tied enough for you and these SJW fools? How many more restrictions/limits do YOU want on them? Seattle cops FINALLY signed a new contract after nothing for years. Many have left due TO the BS that goes along with their jobs in big cities too. I know an guy who has all the correct history/paperwork, yet can’t get hired on as a cop. Why you ask? He’s white. Wrong skin color. All about quotas baby.

        1. Oh dear, Harley woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Reading your wall of delusional text made my brain hurt.

          Keep blaming your strawman SJWs though!

          1. Seattle liberals BRAG NONSTOP about their “wokeness” and pack City Hall with sjw freakshows then pretend conservatives are “paranoid about sjws”.

            This city is social justice central, Genius, as evidenced by the rampant lawlessness, open heroin use, and abusive taxes. We’ve been trying to outdo San FranFreakshow for decades and here we are.

          2. …then pretend conservatives are “paranoid about sjws”.

            Practically every post of yours has something complaining or blaming the “SJWs”, including this very post of yours. How meta!

            I think it’s very clear you are either paranoid or creepily obsessed with the idea of an SJW, whatever that actually is.

          3. I think you fail to recognize the changing attitudes in this city. MOB won reelection by 23% in 2015 and became so unpopular he didn’t even want to try again.

            It appears the city is finally pushing back on the city government after years of neglect. Reminds me of NYC before Giuliani.

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