Ballard Writers Collective to host 9th Annual Literary Event tonight

A group of local writers will be presenting new works tonight at the Sunset Hill Community Association.

Known as the Ballard Writers Collective, the group will be hosting the 9th Annual Literary Event, with the theme “A Valentine to Ballard”. The writers will be “addressing their love of place (Ballard) or perhaps their ambivalent feelings about Valentine’s Day,” organizer Peggy Sturdivant tells My Ballard.

The collective has been operating since 2010, and was started to feature “the writer next door”. Almost a decade later, the group now has a number of distinguished authors: Ingrid Ricks has had a book on the New York Times best seller list, and Jennifer D. Munro was a finalist of the Erma Bombeck competition. The event tonight will feature new works by Elena Louise Richmond, Carol Levin, Treya Forlenza, Michele Bacon, Karen Gamble, Kristina Cerise, Jay Craig, Alma Garcia and Meg Pasquini.

There will also be a gift basket raffle with books and treats. The event is free, and will run from 7pm to 9pm at the Sunset Hill Community Center (3003 NW 66th St).

7 thoughts to “Ballard Writers Collective to host 9th Annual Literary Event tonight”

  1. Ballard Writers Collective annual event is always so fun– there are extraordinary baskets filled with treasures, books and beautiful and interesting surprises for the raffle .
    The writers who read write fiction, non fiction, essays, poetry compelling or funny or wrenching –and on– come it is a party, **a reading,** a meeting of friends** and a way to make new friends**. and Come say hello– I will have four of my collections of poems on a table– if you are curious.
    We will begin at 7:00 this evening doors open at 6:30.

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