Detours, lane closures on Seaview Ave and Burke-Gilman Trail for sewer main replacement

Drilling has begun in Ballard for the sewer replacement project under the entrance to the Ship Canal, which will cause some traffic changes just past the Ballard Locks.

For about one month, 200 feet of southbound Seaview Ave NW near the 5500 block will be closed, and traffic will be maintained with an electronic traffic signal in the northbound lane. The Burke-Gilman Trail will be detoured to the north side of the Seaview Ave, and an electronic signal will be installed for bicyclists and pedestrians to use when crossing the street.

The Pump Station 43 Emergency Sewer Force Main Replacement project is to replace the sewer main that runs from Ballard to Magnolia west of the Ballard Locks, which was found to be damaged in the fall of 2017. The pipe, which they discovered was severely cracked, was then bypassed to prevent additional sewage from flowing into the Ship Canal. Rather than repair it, they Seattle Public Utilities decided to replace the entire force main to protect the waterway.

To learn more about the project and its timeline, click here.

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Also be aware that towards G.G. on the BGT right now there are a number of trees down across the trail. They are just north of the railway crossing and are balancing on the fencing. They were still there tonight 2/15/19.
You can pass under them but will have to dismount if riding a bike.

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

When I first read “sewer main replacement” I thought for a second it was a reference to the City Council.