Presidents Day: what’s open and what’s closed

Today is Presidents Day, which means some changes to your normal Monday.

Here’s a list of what’s open and closed in Seattle today:

  • Schools, libraries, community centers and government offices are closed
  • King County Metro Transit will be operating on reduced weekday schedules.
  • Normal garbage pick-up for Seattle
  • On-street parking is free today in Seattle
  • Most banks and credit unions are closed
  • No mail delivery, and post offices are closed
  • Sound Transit is on Saturday schedule, and the Sounder train is on a weekday schedule.

Let us know if we missed anything,

10 thoughts to “Presidents Day: what’s open and what’s closed”

  1. Many many thanks to the Founding FATHERS for this great country we enjoy so much; a nation that that is so special people try sneaking in every day; some of whom work very hard and some of whom force us to pay for them via Seattle libtard taxes

    All of it is a TESTAMENT to the GREATNESS of our COUNTRY. When you cucks get done making out with your dog babies be sure to thank a veteran for the fact your swinger “girlfriend” doesn’t have to wear a burkha – not yet anyway.

    US to the f**king A
    Viva la America

      1. America is only available to the narrow bandwidth that fascists like you define yourselves. Perfect. No wonder you are the minority that you are! LOL

        1. If we are a minority – and we aren’t – then why aren’t we given special “minority privileges” like other people receive? All your newspeak liberal terms are garbage. Women are 51% of the population, yet are considered a minority. Everyone is a minority, nobody is a minority. Blah blah. Your identity politics is really just communist subversion that metastasized on Twitter and went viral like the blue hair cat lady trend.

          Muh Jussie Smollett!

          And another thing, ain’t nobody migrating in large groups to the “more diverse” places in world – they want to live here. So we must not be so fascist after all. We take in more legal immigrants than ANY OTHER COUNTRY. Save your commie garbage for your loser Antifa amigos and thank GOD you live in COUNTRY that was ESTABLISHED by people who had a BIGGER VISION than just handing out freebies to freeloaders in exchange for votes.

          1. My link got mistakenly flagged as spam, just as some of Uncle Buck’s were this morning. Buck: search for “how to explain white privilege to a broke white person” and click the first link, from If you’re at all interested in understanding what privileges white people have, even broke white people, that PoC don’t have, give it a read with an open mind. I’m sure you’ll either A) ignore or B) spew your hateful rhetoric in response (or option C – sarcastically say something just to prove A and B wrong), but in all seriousness it’s worth the short read.

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