Update on Ballard Blocks 2 construction

The massive development slowly taking shape just next to the Ballard Bridge is on track to finish this fall.

Ballard photographer Brian David Casey took these photos of the progress of Ballard Blocks 2.

So far, there are three confirmed tenants: PCC, 85°C Bakery, and West Marine. According to their listing on Regency Centers property realtors, there are still six vacant spaces to be filled.

No word yet on the other potential tenants — we’ll keep you updated.

14 thoughts to “Update on Ballard Blocks 2 construction”

  1. I guess if Ballard is going to get yet another huge bland building void of any interesting design elements it might as well be there.

    1. Love how Seattle Liberals have meme’d themselves into cheerleaders for ugly SoCal-style concrete chains just to “prove” that the city isn’t turning into a festering junkie camp trash pile.

      “See, more condos! More overpriced groceries! More Amazon monopoly!”

      Then again, most of them now think dogs are babies, so what do we really expect from them?

      1. you know, if you hate it here so much, there’s an entire world out there you can go to. do you truly think you’re making a positive difference here by bitching on a neighborhood blog? all you’re doing is spreading hate. is that your goal? are you trying to make seattle worse? because that’s what you’re doing.

  2. Ah good, more sidewalk retail turf for junkies to set up camp and hassle shoppers. We call this a “Seattle Win!” especially if the store in question sells products for 30% more than in other cities.
    Ask anyone who works in a grocery store in Seattle and they have tons of wacky anecdotes about violent junkies and their daily circus of misery and abuse of staff and customers.

    But hey, liberals “love workers” amirite?

      1. Yes. And while I enjoy some of their products and the lack of processed crap sold at Safeway etc their prices are simply too high for most working people with families who do not earn six figures, plus they are unwilling/unable to put an end to the degenerates who cluster at every door of their stores begging aggressively for drug money. They are caught between the disgusting junkie invasion and their customers whom are largely “so-tolerant-they-hug-their-own-muggers” types.

        1. You really should find a place you’d be happier. You hate it here so much that it has eaten your brain… unless that was the syphilis.

    1. example one: business shutting down. lil bucky’s comment: sarcastic “seattle success story” and blames the mentally ill.
      example two: business opening. lil bukcy’s comment: sarcastic “seattle win” and claims the mentally ill will be hanging out here.
      anyone else see how much of a cancer this account is on our neighborhood blog? why’s the account still active?

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