Men steal staff belongings from Kangaroo & Kiwi

It seems the thieves robbing Ballard businesses are still at it: two men were caught on camera stealing staff belongings from the Kangaroo & Kiwi.

An employee, Nicole, shared the below photo with My Ballard, saying the two men were caught on camera.

Nicole says they stole a backpack of one of the employees that had his personal items, including his wallet and laptop. They also stole a brand new guitar from an employee who is in a band.

Police were notified and were able to trace the laptop to a Lynnwood residence. Nicole says the people who lived at the residence told police they didn’t recognize the men in the photo, and there was nothing else they could do.

If you have any information about the two men, contact Kangaroo & Kiwi at 206-297-0507 or Seattle Police at 206-625-5011.

18 thoughts to “Men steal staff belongings from Kangaroo & Kiwi”

  1. After Surly AF, with sarcastic tone:
    “More proof Seattle is dying.”

    These look like those infamous Chicago Maga’s that attacked Smollett. Hope we can RESIST TRUMP and stop his army of white supremacists!

      1. 2nd highest property crime in the country = Liberal success in your mind?
        Good old Truth changing and reframing the issue once AGAIN just like the local “leaders”.

        People here leave scathing reviews about minutiae consumer nonsense, but a completely broken city with ineffective law enforcement and very low conviction rate (about 18% for those of you wearing pink hats) gets a shrug. Comedy!

        Ballard as RECENTLY AS 3 YRS AGO was relatively safe and incidents like this were rare. Now you guys shrug and play the “it’s not that bad!” angle as if we all don’t see the junkies stealing shit from every store and from parked cars on a daily basis. Really pathetic. I suppose this is all Russian Bot propaganda, right?

        Why don’t you park at Ballard Fred Meyer after dark and sit for an hour and 2 in your car and get back to me what you see.

        1. why don’t you go through a medical emergency with no savings and no insurance and no support system and get back to me what lengths you go to after sleeping on the street for months in a city of entitled pricks looking down on you and blaming you and you alone for the trouble you’re in?

        2. Again, I challenge you to name a city or cities in the US that you consider to not be dying. You’ve completely ignored literally the only thing in my comment with your delusional rant.

          Ballard as RECENTLY AS 3 YRS AGO was relatively safe and incidents like this were rare.

          3 years ago, I recall all your sockpuppet handles complaining on this very blog about how Ballard is a dying hell hole because of LIBRULS.

          1. And in fact, it was as IS. Your denials of reality are indicative of some underlying pathos.

          2. Other cities DON’T matter shirley. I live in Seattle. As a Conservative I am use to my Liberal friends staring at the ground when i talk of crime and those who commit it.
            They elected the Liberal scum that runs this state and city. You know, those sanctuary folks.

          3. Do you also talk to your friends about reforming our justice system that consists of punishment only, with no rehabilitation or hope of entering criminals into society after serving their time?

            Do you decry Nixon for starting the failed War on Drugs that has cost hundreds of billions and done nothing but imprison drug addicts rather than treating them?

            Do you criticize Reagan for his multiple tax cuts on the wealthy that gutted our mental health system, resulting in mentally ill individuals thrown out on the streets?

            Do you blame 5 decades of other tax cuts on the wealthy that have gutted our educational system, lowering it to 27th in the world, resulting in a slew of uneducated people who turn to a life of crime?

            If you do not and instead blame “liberal scum” for crime, then you sir are a damn hypocrite and part of the problem.

        3. Why yes–hang out in an industrial-area parking lot for a couple of hours after dark, and you will indeed see the kind of people who hang out in industrial-area parking lots for hours after dark. What were you expecting, Girl Scout cookies?

  2. What police traced it back to a Lynnwood residence? It certainly wasn’t the SPD, they are powerless to do anything these days because of the mayor and city council. If these individuals returned to K and K’s during business hours and the employees called the police on them they probably wouldn’t even respond. I wonder if this happened when they were open or after they were closed, it doesn’t say.

    1. why do we even have police then if they are truly powerless? could you perhaps be stretching the truth a bit? clearly you have fallen into the trap of putting all blame on the mayor/city council. why won’t anyone take responsibility themselves for the severe inequality in the city that has led to the mess we’re all in?

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