Aesthetica Skin Care broken into, all retail products stolen

Another break-in happened this week in Ballard: Aesthetica Skin Care was robbed early Wednesday morning.

Owner Sheila Howe tells My Ballard that the burglar stole $5000 worth of retail product from the shop, which is located at  7735 24th Ave NW. Her surveillance camera captured the below image of the burglar.

The above photo shows the many empty shelves after the burglary

Howe says the burglar broke the lock and entered through the front door of the shop. This is the second break-in — another time, a burglar smashed the front door but didn’t enter the building.

Howe says she filed a police report. If you have any information about the break-in, contact Seattle Police, 206-625-5011.

21 thoughts to “Aesthetica Skin Care broken into, all retail products stolen”

  1. As much as these burglaries bug some people, I’m totally OK calling this one a survival crime and letting the guy go unpunished — what good is survival if you don’t have moist skin? But I’m sure Mike O’Brien will pay me no mind; he’s probably already standing in Carmen Best’s office, demanding a heightened police response in D6.

    1. I did talk to a homeless guy Tuesday who had noticeably bad skin; meth scabs or something.
      I don’t think it was our old friend elenchos 😆🤮
      So I agree that there might be somebody out who needs it that bad.

  2. I hope they catch this guy and beat the crap out of him. They’ll probably just give him a slap on the wrist though, and say he’s a poor, misunderstood, vulnerable member of our community.

    1. ah yes, medieval punishment. shall we procure some stocks and place at bergen place for the accused to suffer in? perhaps we shall track down all of lil bucky’s accused “cat ladies” and “dog moms” as they might be witches and throw them in the canal to see if the float?
      seriously…”beat the crap out of him?” if you want that kind of punishment, there are a few countries left in the world that still do that, and you’re welcome to leave any time. we don’t tolerate that backwards thinking here.

      1. Oh Flugger, here you are with your inconsistencies.

        You guys want to bomb everyone who isn’t a flaming progressive, so which is it?

        1. oh lil bucky, quite the misguided liar you are. it’s your kind who likes to go around bombing, don’t you see? true progressives are not interested in tearing down, that’s left to the neolibs/neocons and tea party folk like yourself.

          1. no kidding obama did that…i said the neolibs didn’t i? progressives aren’t tolerant of murdering civilians. there’s a bunch of folks in the corporate and military industrial complex party that like to look the other way on these things, but not progressives. if you took a second to listen to what progressive people were saying on a national level, you might actually find you agree with more of it than you think.

          2. you think obama is a progressive? hahaha. you are clearly out of touch, and i’ll give you a pass on this one because you’re so laughably ignorant.

      2. No, here we tolerate allowing this loser to rob a business of their entire inventory and face no repercussions. Maybe next time he’ll be in your yard, prowling around.
        Don’t forget to invite him in for breakfast. Thanks for being virtuous though!

      3. Maybe we should just have him drawn and quartered! Seriously, perhaps the best punishment for such crimes would be supervised community service. Picking up trash, cleaning graffiti from walls, duty at the dog run in Golden Gardens, cleaning up around homeless “camps”, etc. Just feed him/her early breakfast and the put them to work.

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