Metro adds bus trips to routes serving Ballard

Metro is rolling out several changes to service, including more daily trips in and out of Ballard on Route 40.

There will now be 11 more weekday trips on the 40, which they say will provide a 10-minute or better service between 6am and 7pm.

Other recent changes to Ballard buses include one new southbound trip in the morning between 8 and 8:30am on Route 15.

The changes come alongside the recent service shift in downtown Seattle — seven different bus routes have moved from the transit tunnel to surface streets in order to accommodate the Washington State Convention Center construction and future Link light rail expansion.

For more about the changes, visit King County Metro’s website.

17 thoughts to “Metro adds bus trips to routes serving Ballard”

  1. The southbound Route 15 trips could definitely benefit from this increased service, many are standing room only. While there are thirteen southbound trips (soon fourteen) I wish they’d add more northbound 15 trips – as it is there are only ten northbound trips, and the last three are at half-hour intervals – 5:30, 6:00, and 6:30. Besides the long gap between bus service, the buses aren’t very reliable as far as when they arrive in the afternoon.

  2. Junkies and oversize unruly dogs ride free!
    Hope you didn’t need that seat, Ms./Mr. Commuter, it’s already taken by the napping addict or the dog baby!

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  3. this is wonderful and badly needed. the 40 is regularly beyond capacity and people are left standing at bus stops as buses full of commuters pass by them without room. hopefully this cuts down on that.

      1. uncle buck has no clue. i take this bus regularly and it’s absolutely full of 25-40 year olds with backpacks, headphones, and nice clothes. there’s occasionally a dog (once every 2 or 3 trips), but during commute times it’s jam packed full of commuters. what lil bucky did and what you’re standing up for is spreading hate.

        1. Why am I “Lil bucky”? Isn’t that being “sizeist”?
          Pretty funny for libtards who pride themselves for “fighting bigotry”!

          1. LMAO GTFO here. you’re so full of it sometimes. your vocabulary is small, that’s why.

      2. I highly doubt Uncle Buck has ever ridden a bus in his life and likely gets his opinion of the bus from Dori Monson or some other angry radio personality.

  4. This is fantastic news. My spouse rides the 40 to and from work every day and, aside from the regular tales of socially dysfunctional behavior aboard, the near-constant overcrowding is a major pain. It’s good to see the city increasing our transit options.

    1. “Everyone on the bus is well dressed, well behaved, and we don’t have a crime problem or antisocial junkies on the buses. ”
      – My Ballard’s Prog Choir

      1. “I hate people with mental illness even though I have severe mental disorders myself that I refuse to treat.”
        -Lil Bucky

  5. Definitely good news here. The 40 is so often packed during the commute And there has even been times when they’ve been so full they had to pass-up stops, leaving riders having to wait for the next arrival. This should help a bit at least.

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