Craft cocktail bar Baker’s to move into former Walter’s location

The transformation of Sunset Hill continues: the space where Walter’s vacated is being reimagined as a classic cocktail bar called Baker’s.

Entrepreneur Brian Smith is at the helm of Baker’s, named in honor of Charles H. Baker, a prohibition-era author and cocktail aficionado. Smith recently moved back to Seattle with his wife to open what he says is, “the married worlds of a really great craft cocktail bar and a neighborhood watering hole.”


Baker’s will also serve small plates from a small kitchen — Smith is developing the menu with former cohort Matt Janke of Matt’s in the Market. He says to expect an emphasis on charcuterie and cheese, salads, and a few substantial hot offerings.

On the drinks side, Smith says their focus will be on well-constructed craft cocktails, but with natural wine offerings, and a few local draft beers. They’re also going to offer retail options for their wine and beer for people who live nearby and want to grab a bottle to go.

Smith said they’re doing a “gut renovation” of the old cafe, recreating the space to reflect what he says will be “timeless elegance”.

“One reason I fell in love with the space is the architecture is so interesting and has so much history. The more we’ve gotten into the construction, the more we realize that you can see the evolution of how this space came to be,” Smith said. “For that reason, I want it to have a really classic look and feel.”

They’ll have a large L-shaped marble countertop, plus a few tables and another long narrow counter along one wall. Much of the decor will be exposed bottles, exposed pantries, and candlelight. On one of the most prominent walls, Smith plans to hang a Fernet Branca tapestry from the 1930s. “I wanted to bring in a lot of classic vibes,” he said.

They’ll make use of the patio and backyard, where he says he plans to do some landscaping with planter boxes and some lush greenery. Smith said they’ll be growing some herbs in the planters, which they’ll use for both some of the food and cocktails.

Smith said the hours will likely be from 4pm to midnight, seven days a week, with potential Saturday and Sunday “backyard parties” from noon to 4pm, in lieu of brunch.

Baker’s is set to softly open at the end of April or early May — we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Photos from Baker’s Facebook page

27 thoughts to “Craft cocktail bar Baker’s to move into former Walter’s location”

  1. So long blue collar people and hello nuevo riche. Catering to the new Ballard residents with too much $$ on their hands. Perhaps the city can tax others and give out vouchers so others can afford a drink or pancake.

    1. You don’t strike me as the type of person who wants to pay 10 dollars for a well-crafted cocktail. You can still hit up ‘blue collar’ joints like the Ballard Smoke Shop or Hattie’s Hat if ‘new’ Ballard isn’t to your liking. Or you could, you know, quit complaining, and/or move somewhere more in line with your ‘working class’ sensibilities. I hear Kent and Auburn are lovely in the springtime!

      1. I love it. Ballard yuppies hand cash – via obscene taxes no less – to junkies with crap stained pants hanging off who just burglarized some local biz or neighbor, yet tell working people to “move to Kent!” etc.

        Hey Genius, the Southend sucks now because your insane Sanctuary City policies let in the Ms13 and other violent gangs. Same problem in affordable areas all over the country. Could you guys be more elitist and out of touch?

        1. there are plenty of therapists who can help you with your mental issues lil bucky. i know it’s hard for you to accept help, but it’s available.

    2. Olaf’s, The Stepping Stone, The Waterwheel, Goofy’s, The Smoke Shop, Hattie’s Hat… I think there are still plenty of establishments that you can afford to sit around complaining to patrons and bartenders about how much you hate everything while they try to slowly back away from you.

        1. Are you accusing all blue collar workers of being as unpleasant as you and your whiner buddies? All my blue collar friends are actually very pleasant people…. but then that is why they have friends. You should give it a try. I double dog dare you to not be a delusional, pedantic, pain for a week and see if people actually start enjoying your company.

  2. I’m a Sunset Hill resident and I’ve been hoping for a place like this to open! Really excited to welcome them to the neighborhood.

  3. Yet another reason this place is needed in Ballard and will do well, everyone can rest assured that Buck, Toad, Paintking etc. won’t be there!

      1. i have, and i’ve given you numerous options for treatment. AFAIK you’re still avoiding said treatment. why must you continue your misogyny here?

  4. We could solve all these differences over a finely crafted cocktail! Everyone meet at Baker’s, bring your screen names, and we’ll all gather round and chat…and drink…you know, like adults. Mostly drink, I hope.

    1. We tried having a city together, but the Lefties chose filth and degeneracy sprinkled with small islands of overpriced NYC-wannabe nonsense.

  5. Happy to have them in the ‘hood but as a neighbor who has to get up for work early and already listens to LOUD conversations from people leaving Picolinos and now Samara, I hope you will be respectful about the use of the outdoor space. I know towards the end Walter’s was having amplified music out there and I had no choice but to listen no matter else I wanted to be doing. I don’t mean to be a grump but midnight makes me nervous! On the plus side happy to have a walking distance place to meet friends for a drink

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