Kaleidoscope arts and music festival happening this weekend in Ballard

A new festival is in the works for Ballard: Kaleidoscope is happening this Saturday, April 6 at the Salmon Bay Eagles Club.

Kaleidoscope is described as a “one-day whirlwind of music and art,” according to the organizers. They have eight bands on the bill, with a Space Pyramid analog light experience.

“This event is 100% for artist, by artist. Come and join us for an evening of sensory overload.”

The line-up will include Fruit JuiceWild PowwersSHARK LEGSPeyote UglySea Saltb r a c k e t sThe Whags, and FRONDTickets are $17 advance, and $20 at the door — the festival will run from 5pm to midnight.

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