Dog agility course and improvements at Golden Gardens off-leash area now complete

Ballard dogs are in for a treat: the off-leash area at Golden Gardens has had some major improvements over the summer, including a new dog agility course.

The project was funded by Seattle Park District, and along with the agility equipment, included clean-up work and removal of extra gravel along the southend fence, repair of the south end fence, pruning of overhanging tree limbs, and removal of overgrown vegetation for improved visibility and access.

Seattle Parks District funding initiative provides $100,000 annually through 2020 and aims to improve existing off-leash areas through maintenance and infrastructure updates. Golden Gardens is the sixth off-leash area to see improvements since the program started two years ago; the other five are Magnuson Park, Genesee Park, Regrade Park, Woodland Park, and Northacres.

For more information about the improvements, visit the City’s off-leash area project website.

8 thoughts to “Dog agility course and improvements at Golden Gardens off-leash area now complete”

  1. “Ballard dogs are in for a treat”. Anyone in the city can use this, not just those “privileged” enough to live in Ballard. Much like “Ballard High School”, you don’t have the right to keep other (Magnolia) kids out!

    1. “Anyone in the city can use this”. Anyone in the country can use this, not just those privileged enough to live in Seattle. How can you be so close minded and try to to keep others out? I’m shocked by your behavior. Check your privilege.

  2. one of the greatest things about dog ownership in Seattle is it you can tell the dog is just a mutt but for some reason it’s half French bulldog and half German Shepherd or some weird rare breed but at the end of the day it’s still a mutt despite the owner’s insistence.

    Every dog doo doo reveals another work of fine art.

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