Ballard Locks large chamber restored to full service after transformer failures

The Ballard Locks is working at normal speed again, with the large lock returning to full lockage capacity after maintenance crews fixed a few failed transformers.

The outage happened on Sept. 6, when three transformers blew, meaning the large lock was operating at half-capacity. The timing wasn’t ideal, as the small lock was also out of service at the time for unscheduled repairs (the small lock reopened last week).

The large chamber returned to normal service at 5pm on Thursday, meaning the locks are now fully functioning — at least for now.

A long-term outage is coming up soon, as the large chamber will close for 53 days starting on Oct. 12 to replace the first of six valve gates original to the 102-year-old facility (more details to come on that).

Photo: Lady Washington passing through the Ballard Locks on Thursday, from the Ballard Locks on Facebook.

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Great! Now put the salmon ladder back up!


the salmon ladder is always open.