Ballard utility boxes get a makeover

The project to beautify utility boxes on Market Street is finally happening.

Organized by the the Ballard Alliance’s Public Art Committee (BPAC), the project was launched earlier this year with a contest to decide which local artists would be designing the five boxes.

The winning artists were Sarah Simon in first place — she will be designing three boxes between 17th and 20th. Stevie Shao won second place, and she will do the remaining two on 22nd and Ballard Ave.

The five boxes are at the following intersections:

  • Market St & 17th
  • Market St & Barnes
  • Market St & 20th
  • Market St & 22nd
  • Market St & Ballard Ave

Kiana Ballo from Ballard Alliance told My Ballard that they asked the artists to consider each other’s color palettes and to include a unifying element in on each box. Ballo says the element is a surprise, and will be like “an easter egg on each box”.

While some SDOT permitting issues caused delays, the boxes should all be finished by mid-November.

Photo: One of the boxes designed by Stevie Shao. Courtesy Visit Ballard

8 thoughts to “Ballard utility boxes get a makeover”

    1. I pooped and called that “art” too. My very own real solution! Nice to see our real issues/problems are being addressed though. Living here in Durkanville is such an experience! This will make the junkies feel better about stealing your things and then going to a “safe injection site”, sponsored by your government. Most couldn’t make or dream this crap up.

      1. What a totally asinine response. Trying to make improvements through creativity. Its no wonder people like you derive pleasure by trolling…says more about you than anything else. Thanks.

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