Rain-activated sidewalk art installed along Ship Canal

Next time you’re walking along the Ship Canal in the rain, look down: there’s a series of new art installations that are activated when wet.

The art installations are part of the Ship Canal Water Quality Project, and are designed by Wallingford artist RYAN! Feddersen. Over the summer, she asked community members what water means to them — her artwork is inspired by their responses.

The installations are temporary, and should only last four to six months. To spot them before they fade away, here are their locations:

  • N 35th St & Interlaken Ave N
  • N 35th St & Stone Way N
  • N 35th St & Troll Ave N
  • N 36th St & Fremont Ave N
  • N 36th St & Phinney Ave N
  • Leary Way NW & NW 36th St
  • Leary Way NW & 6th Ave NW
  • Leary Way NW & 8th Ave NW
  • NW 45th St & 11th Ave NW
  • Shilshole Ave NW & 11th Ave NW
  • Shilshole Ave NW & 17th Ave NW
  • Shilshole Ave NW & 20th Ave NW

The Ship Canal Water Quality Project is constructing an underground storage tunnel to help prevent polluted stormwater and sewage from draining into the Ship Canal. To stay updated on their progress and learn more about the project, click here.

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Very cool! Always good to have more art around the city.

schmoked shaman
schmoked shaman

I wonder if urine works too.
Somebody check that out😘

Dan Strauss's Luscious Lips
Dan Strauss's Luscious Lips

Just ignore all the junkie RVs dumping their human waste straight into our waterways.


bucky’s still here? and just as ignorant as ever? why am i not surprised.