Ballard-Interbay transit meeting rescheduled for Jan. 28

Next week, SDOT will host their rescheduled public meeting for those who want to learn more about the study to improve transportation in Ballard and Interbay.

The study is known as BIRT — Ballard-Interbay Regional Transportation System — and is meant to improve mobility for people and freight. Last year, the Washington State legislature allocated funds for the project, which encompasses the Ballard light rail extension and Magnolia and Ballard bridge reconstructions.

SDOT will host a Community Kickoff Meeting for BIRT on Tuesday Jan. 28 at the Ballard Library from 6pm to 7:30pm. There will be a presentation from SDOT staff, sharing information on the Sound Transit 3 West Seattle and Ballard Link Extension project, clarifying City and Sound Transit roles, and getting community feedback.

If you can’t attend the meeting on Jan. 28, there will be another opportunity on Monday, Feb. 3 at Magnolia United Church of Christ, 6 – 7:30 p.m.

The BIRT study is a year-long process involving the City of Seattle, Port of Seattle, Sound Transit, King County, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Washington State Military. The study began last fall, and it will wrap up with a report by Nov. 1 of this year. You can learn more here.

6 thoughts to “Ballard-Interbay transit meeting rescheduled for Jan. 28”

    1. Umm, nothing is going to change. Unless calling study after study “change”. The real scheme here is to have things get much worse, and get you into their buses, their choo-choo’s, their mode. As in social engineering. Much like the entire region, nothing will happen UNTIL the woke become truly awake, and make REAL changes at the top.

      1. Repairing roads takes money…lots of money. The problem is that the people that complain the most about road conditions, like yourself, complain even louder when you see the price tag to repair the roads.

        So what’s it going to be Woke-king?

        1. i’d say road improvements would be on just about everyone’s list of things they wouldn’t mind paying taxes for – same with more police. of course none of that stuff is as exciting as bike lanes for 3-4% of the city population, cute lil street cars on 1st ave for millions per mile, etc. but ooh-boy the lil city pet projects sure totes useful!

          1. of course none of that stuff is as exciting as bike lanes for 3-4% of the city population

            You’d have a legitimate complaint if the City spent more than 3-4% of the streets budget on bike facilities, but in reality, it’s way less than that.

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