Fremont Bridge gets stuck for two hours

12:30 pm: It’s been fixed and the road has reopened.

Earlier: Feeling sympathy for the troublesome Ballard Bridge, the Fremont Bridge suffered its own technical failure just after 10 this Saturday morning. As of this writing, the bridge is stuck in the open position, and traffic is being diverted.

Here’s a link to our traffic cameras, which includes a shot of the bridge.

So far, SDOT has not provided any time estimate to fix the bridge.

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5 thoughts to “Fremont Bridge gets stuck for two hours”

  1. This is a huge metaphor for what this city has become. This along with the Ballard bridge are modern relics. We are all being fleeced to the tune of BILLIONS using ST3 etc, yet we still need meetings and study after study to tell us these things are old, tired and in need of replacement. I ask; what part of progressive is this?

    1. Yes, because failing infrastructure problems only exist in “progressive” cities. You need to get out of Ballard more often…and don’t come back.

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