6-story apartment building planned for Frelard

There’s a development plan in the works to tear down three houses in Frelard to build a 22-unit apartment building.

The 6,000-square-foot site is at the corner of 1st Ave NW and NW 39th St, and would replace two old houses. The developer is Alan Ostman of Mid City Builders, who bought the properties for $1.6 million two years ago, according to the Seattle DJC.

There’s no proposed parking plans for the building, which will be broken into two parts connected by a stairwell according to the designs. One side will be five stories, the other will be six stories (see below).

The developer has set up a website for outreach where you can learn more and comment on the design.

6 thoughts to “6-story apartment building planned for Frelard”

  1. Fremont. There is nothing remotely “Frelard” about that location, which seems to be a perfect place for an apartment building. Good on them.

  2. This location can walk to the Nectar Lounge in 5 minutes….this is FREMONT. Stop trying to extend the boundaries of Frelard.

    Frelard starts at the Brown Bear car wash and ends at BevMo. Don’t @ me.

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