UW suspends in-person classes for the rest of the quarter as coronavirus spreads

The University of Washington has cancelled in-person classes at all campuses for the rest of the quarter, from March 9 to March 20, for coronavirus precautions.

Campuses will remain open, including UW’s hospitals and clinics, dining services, residence halls, and recreation/athletics facilities. All Husky athletic events will proceed.

UW President Ana Marie Cauce sent a letter to students and faculty announcing the closure.

“With the continued spread of COVID-19 in the region, and in consultation with public health officials regarding social distancing, I write today to announce actions the University of Washington is taking to increase precautionary health measures and ensure the successful conclusion of the quarter for UW students on all of our campuses,” she wrote.

GeekWire is reporting that a university staff member who works in Roosevelt Commons East had a “presumptive positive” test for the virus last week; that person is in self-isolation and the building (4300 block of 11th Ave NE) is closed for cleaning.

The university is taking health official’s recommendations for social distancing, which means instructors will be conducting classes remotely until the end of winter quarter. All exams are to be conducted remotely where possible.

All common areas of the campuses will be deep cleaned, Cauce says, including classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, restrooms, and other public places.

The UW plans to reopen on March 30 for spring quarter, “pending public health guidance.”

The novel coronavirus is not the first challenge this region, or our University, has faced. It will not be the last. In its 158-year history, the UW has endured two world wars, a depression and other crises that have tested our resilience and our compassion. Generation after generation of Huskies have risen to the challenge, working together to support each other through difficult times. The University we enjoy today is in many ways a result of their stalwart determination and grace under pressure. Today it’s our turn to take on the challenge of keeping our community safe by listening to public health experts, remaining calm and doing all we can to protect the most vulnerable in our midst. Using common sense, following the best hygiene practices and adhering to our values are our best strategies for keeping everyone safe and healthy. We are fortunate to be in a region that has outstanding medical services and public health infrastructure, and that is already taking steps to increase access to health care in the face of this outbreak.

Finally, this situation continues to be fluid and your best source of up-to-date information is always uw.edu/coronavirus. Once again, I thank you all for your resilience, perseverance and empathy as we make our way through this challenge together.

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Ana Mari Cauce
Professor of Psychology

4 thoughts to “UW suspends in-person classes for the rest of the quarter as coronavirus spreads”

  1. Headline a little confusing… yes UW is suspending people going to classes, but school is still in session as they’ve moved all classes online.

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