Curbside pickup coming to retail stores in Seattle

The City has decided to expand their restaurant curbside pickup zones to include retail businesses in Seattle.

The Seattle Department of Transportation will be installing 15-minute curbside loading zones for businesses who are approved. To request a curbside loading zone, retail store owners should call 684-ROAD and provide business name, address, and contact details.

While pickups are allowed, retail shops are still closed to walk-in customers. Orders must be placed online or over the phone to be picked up curbside. To purchase goods from local shops, be sure to peruse the Ballard Marketplace, launched by the Ballard Alliance.

SDOT says they’ll approve new zones based on nearby curb regulations. They’ll generally aim to install one new zone per block, so zones may be shifted to serve several stores on a given block.

To learn more, visit SDOT’s website about the curbside loading zones.

Images by SDOT

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